Far Cry 3 gameplay videos show start of insanity

Thursday, 11 October 2012 13:37 GMT By Sam Clay

Far Cry 3’s incredible world received a batch of new details yesterday, but today VG247 shows you the game’s opening setup and additional set pieces in action.

The game begins with footage of Jason Brody happily skydiving on holiday, having the time of his life. Very quickly, all of the fun is cut off with the appearance of Far Cry 3’s maniacal villain Vaas.

From there you must survive – not just the natural dangers of the island itself – but there’s also the little matter of gun-toting mercs who want you to be very, very dead.

Want to see the carnage for yourself? Check out the action here:

Meeting Vaas, escaping his camp

Introducing Dennis and the Amanaki village
Here we meet the first ‘friendly’. Someone who doesn’t want you dead. Also, you get to visit the first hub town in the game known as the Amanaki village. Reminds you slightly of LOST.

Taking out an Outpost

Escaping Hotel White Sand