David Jaffe wants to make another Twisted Metal

Wednesday, 1 August 2012 16:23 GMT By Dave Cook

Twisted Metal creative director David Jaffe has explained why he feels this year’s reboot of his car combat series was a success, and why he’d like to return for another serving some day.

Speaking on his Criminal Crackdown blog, Jaffe explains, “Twisted Metal PS3 got some great reviews and some terrible reviews which has placed it at a 76% metacritic. It sold fine,” without divulging any numbers.

“Not a dud, not a hit,” Jaffe continued, “When all is said and done, I hope Sony will be satisfied that it made a decent investment in the game and in us. But it was not a mega blockbuster or even a big hit.”

Jaffe also seems keen to return to the Twisted Metal series, but onle once his new studio is established ” I HOPE Sony makes a new TM one day.”

“Heck, once we get the new studio launched and we’ve brought some new IPs to the world that folks enjoy, I can see myself dying to go back and do a new Twisted Metal wih the new studio and with Sony. But for now, I really want to do new things.”

What about you? Would you pay to play more Twisted metal? Do you think the reboot was a dud? Let us know.