Diablo III Barbarian gets god-ish exploit

Tuesday, 24th July 2012 12:27 GMT By Patrick Garratt

Hot on the heels of Blizzard patching a Diablo III exploit that made Wizards invincible, YouTube user MetaSerge has turned up a super-perk for the Barbarian class.

Do this and you get 8% health back per strike.

  • Have Furious Charge with Dreadnought Rune
  • Charge into opening cinematic (before it begins)

Et voila. Apparently. According to this Kotaku piece, some are able to get it working, and some aren’t. Regardless, expect Blizzard to send it shipping off to code heaven tomorrow.



  1. DSB

    It’s getting pretty undignified at this point. It’s hard to believe that this won’t dull the hype the next time around.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Puggy

    But… but… it is blizzard! People do not complain about such minor bugs because they are too busy having fun, playing the game.

    Though seriously, that is quite embarrassing. I mean I know about favourite of the month and all, but exploitable of the month? What happened to the QA department? Somebody sent them all on vacation at the same time?

    Then again, why care? Everyone who would buy the game at full price already did so anyway.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. LooneyLad

    This really is embarrassing. For such high profile game studio to have continuous problems since day 1 in year 2012 where they DEMAND always-online is unacceptable ! I only hope the hyped out people there punish them somehow for this…which they wont.

    #3 2 years ago
  4. TheWulf

    It’s like a trainwreck that you can’t stop watching. You desperately want to but you just can’t.

    This is so embarrassing. But you know whom I feel the worst for, genuinely? The poor bastards who paid $60 for this pile of steaming horse manure. They’re who I feel bad for, they laid down an entirely nontrivial amount of money, an amount that goes beyond disposable income, for this game and they’ve just been exploited by Blizzard.

    There are people who just weren’t fans of Blizzard, or had no idea what to expect from them, who were just hoping for a fun time. And they got screwed.

    Well guys, now you know. Never buy anything Blizzard. Ever.

    Torchlight II is just around the corner, enjoy that instead.

    #4 2 years ago

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