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What Game Did You Play Over the Holidays?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | We're back from our break with tales from our backlog.

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It's a new decade and a new year of USG! We're glad to be back, even if vacation did treat us all very well. As expected, a lot of us dove into our backlogs over the break.

We're sure we're not alone in doing that either. So tell us in the comments: What game(s) did you play over the holidays?

Eric Van Allen, News Editor

I swore up and down that this holiday, I would finally dent my backlog. And I did, though it wasn't a recent game by any stretch. I finally sat down and played through (most) of Super Metroid over the holiday break. Turns out y'all were right, that game is pretty good! It's a fascinating time capsule of where all these various modern concepts got their start, but it still retains a core identity that stands alone.

I also kicked off a replay of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, in anticipation of its sequel coming (hopefully) this year; strolled back through a few cases in the Phoenix Wright trilogy on Switch; and started playing through Dragon Age: Origins again. It was mostly a yuletide season of old games, but looking back on it from the other side, it was time well spent.

Caty McCarthy, Senior Editor

I played a few games over the holidays. Watching The Witcher on Netflix inspired me to go back and finally wrap up Blood and Wine, the last expansion for The Witcher 3. (It's excellent, by the way!) I also played through Pikuniku on my Switch while I was visiting family, as I'd only pumped an hour into it before. That game is very charming, and I highly recommend it if you like short n' sweet adventure games with a good sense of humor. Also it has maybe my favorite jump button of the year—jumping just feels so dang good in it!

Speaking of satisfying button pressing, I also continued my trek through Sekiro, a game that I think might be the best feeling game of 2019. Everything is just smooth yet crunchy, if that at all makes sense. You can practically feel when blades clash. It also makes me sweat quite a bit, it being a Soulsy game after all. I think I've accepted that I'll never finish it, but I've had tons of fun with it when I don't want to throw my controller into my TV.

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