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What Game Are You Playing This Weekend?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | It's a big day for games today! What game is keeping you company?

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It's near the end of March in 2020, and video games have finally arrived. Or at least, it sure feels that way. Today, both Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons released. On Tuesday, MLB the Show 20 arrived to quench our now sports-less world. It's been quite a week! And that's not even mentioning the horror outside.

For this week's Community Question, we figured we'd ask the obvious: What game(s) are you playing this weekend? (And presumably, for the next week. It's not like we can leave our homes right now or anything. We hope you're all staying safe out there. As always: Wash your hands!)

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Eric Van Allen, News Editor

I've plunged into the world of Animal Crossing with New Horizons, and y'all, I get it. I finally understand it. Last night, I spent 30 minutes designing a shirt. I cleared rubbish and sold it to a small child. My dumb pig pal tried to put a tent down with a tree blocking the entrance, so I moved it. My island is small, but soon it will be my empire. It's called Zanarkand, and nothing bad has ever happened to places called Zanarkand.

I'll be playing some Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening too, as well as a few other indies that have caught my eye. But really, I'm just looking forward to a weekend of island festivities.

Nadia Oxford, Staff Writer

Ah, this one's easy. I'll be playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, of course. That's not all. I plan to tuck away more of Persona 5 Royal, too. And because I love fooling myself into thinking I have more free time than I actually do, I'm going to pretend I'll get a chance to get back to Final Fantasy 14 as well, which I had to put aside to play other games for USgamer. I was about to start the Heavensward plot, too. I miss my Chocobo. I didn't put all those hours into grinding Chocobo races for the Gambler barding just so the dumb bird can languish in the digital void. This must be rectified.

Caty McCarthy, Senior Editor

I am playing three games this weekend (and for the foreseeable future): Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Doom Eternal, and Call of Duty: Warzone! I'm enjoying my time with all three. Saturday is sure to be popping off in Animal Crossing, since all my friends will have unlocked the airport to travel to other islands. I'm still relatively early on in Doom Eternal, but I can only play it in short spurts because it makes me very tense. Warzone is great because all my old Call of Duty comrades who abandoned Modern Warfare after a month have downloaded it, so I have a healthy pool of buds to play with on the regular.

This lockdown, honestly, has been great for my online gaming hobby. Now, everyone is online. Yay! Keep staying safe out there everyone. Don't leave your home unless you absolutely have to.

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