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What Classic Game Series Would You Like to See Revived?

COMMUNITY QUESTION | Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3 have been a long time coming.

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It's the week of revivals, it seems. Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally around the corner, after over a decade of speculation since Kingdom Hearts 2 in 2005. Resident Evil 2, the long-anticipated remake of the PlayStation classic, is out today, putting the survival back in the survival-horror that the series lost long ago.

For this week's community question, we're curious what you would like to see come back in a big way, whether in a remake, a brand new sequel, or a reboot. So what of it: What classic game series would you like to see revived?

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Kat Bailey, Editor-in-Chief

I want a Valkyrie Profile revival. Watches as monkey paw finger curls down. Okay, how about The World Ends With You. Watches as second monkey paw finger curls down. Alright, fine, an X-wing revival. Surely EA can't screw that up, right? Monkey paw curls into a fist and punches Kat in the face repeatedly.

Nadia Oxford, Staff Writer

Breath of Fire! It's a flawed JRPG series with some whiffs amongst its hits, but it's also a series with a good deal of imagination. I know some people love Dragon Quarter, but I'd really want to see a return to the isometric cartoon world we visited in Breath of Fire 3. Maybe sprite-based graphics wouldn't be possible, but if the prospective new game used a style similar to Monster Boy, it'd really shine. Otherwise, I don't think it's controversial to suggest we could really do with more games that let you tinker with gene menus and mutate into gigantic dragons.

Caty McCarthy, Features Editor

Jet Set Radiooooooooooooooooo! I mean, c'mon, is there any other answer? While I've been patiently waiting for Jet Set Radio Future to be backward compatible on Xbox One, I've also been dreaming of a new Jet Set Radio. Sega's definitely shown in the past few years that it's looking more to the past for inspiration, if Sonic Mania and its new logo is anything to go by. A new Jet Set Radio wouldn't only look amazing, it'd be super cool too. Coolness is often something that goes out of style fast, but Jet Set Radio's confidence has persisted as being basically eternally rad. (Its soundtrack, stuffed with the likes of Hideki Naganuma originals and licensed goodness like Cibo Matto, is timelessly spectacular as well.) A new Jet Set Radio would make me very, very, very happy. Rock that s**t, homie!

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