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What are you playing this weekend?

Would you like to play a game? Of course you would.

We all look forward to having a few days off. Some more so than others, especially if they have a hard job or one they hate so much they fantasize about one day walking into work and telling the boss to jump off a cliff. I feel bad for those people.

But even for those of us that like our jobs and have a great boss, well, it's still nice to have a weekly break from the daily grind in order to rest, recharge, and get s**t done we didn't have the time for during the work week.

It's a shame we're all not independently wealthy. If we were, other than trying to help our fellow humans out, traveling, or saving dogs, we'd all likely do much of nothing except play video games all day. It's a shame everyone has to work. Again, no matter how much you may love your job, it would be nice to have a money tree growing out in the backyard, or to win the lottery, wouldn't it? Oh well. We're just very thankful to have a fun job, and the funds to support our main hobby: playing games.

Speaking of games, this weekend we'll be ferrying sweet characters to the afterlife, trying not to be depressed over football, fighting rage-inducing hard bosses, transforming into various beings, and trying to catch 'em all.

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Connor Makar, Staff Writer - King of Fighters 14, Dark Souls 3

This week, I'm still on my typical schedule of playing a little bit of King of Fighters 14. I do find it relaxing to stick some music on and drill some combos every now and again, so we'll mark that down as a self care session.

Also, I've been bit by the Elden Ring hype bug I'm sad to report. I'll be jumping back into Dark Souls 3 and messing around with a build I've not yet tried. Who knows! Maybe it'll influence what I ended up playing in the precious first-ever playthrough of Elden Ring?

Finally, with all the recent news surrounding the next Apex Legends season, I've reacclimated with that game a little. But, it's an ongoing process, so I'll be continuing to play that over the weekend every now and then.

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Dom Peppiatt, Features Editor - Nobody Saves the World

Ever wondered what it’d be like to wander around a fantasy world as a horse? Just… doing horse stuff? What about rolling around the grassy plains of a doomed kingdom as an egg? In Nobody Saves the World, you can do just that. Thanks to some peculiar magic and a particularly inept wizard, you can transform into any number of peculiar beings, fuse their powers, and use the resulting smorgasbord of abilities to take down cursed beings from a dark dimension. Lovely!

I’ve been off the booze for a month, doing every brewery’s most-hated fad diet of Dry January, and I’m eager to sink a few tins and play something dumb with my mates this weekend. Nobody Saves the World fits the ticket perfectly, and what’s more – it’s on Game Pass! Meaning that none of us have to spend a penny extra than what we would’ve going into this weekend.

So I’m sorry if my writing is a bit messy on Monday; I might be up late, downing beer and pretending to be an egg.

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Dorrani Williams, Video Producer - Pokemon Legends: Arceus

This weekend, like a lot of people, I'll be playing Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Every time a new Pokemon game comes out people lose their minds with excitement, and I've always felt left out because I never kept up the Pokemon series like everyone else. But, I too want to be the very best like no one ever was! I loved the cartoon growing up, but I grew out of it.

The most recent Pokemon game I played was Sword and Shield and was bored by the time I got to the third gym. I hope the new approach to the game's overall design changes how I feel about the franchise going forward.

Let's hope this wasn’t £50 ill regret spending. I'll update you all next week.

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James Billcliffe, Guides Editor - Spiritfarer

My eyes hurt. I’ve been playing too many RPGs for too many hours, so to soothe angry blood vessels I’m going to give the real, time-consuming stuff a rest and put down my controller for the weekend.

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any games in the house, since I’ll get to watch my better half play the sweet and sorrowful Spiritfarer, a game where you make friends with story-book creatures as you ferry them into the afterlife.

Thunder Lotus Games’ hand-drawn wonders have been on my radar for a long while now, but I’ve never been into super-hard, boss-rush style exercises in self-flagellation like their first game, Jotun.

Spiritfarer couldn’t be further from that. You run your ship almost like a hotel, collecting upgrades and rearranging rooms as you feed and cater to the whims of your guests on their final voyage.

It’s yet another awesome indie to check out, and a great change of pace from the guts and guns grind it’s so easy to slip into.

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I have so many things to do this weekend, I may not find the time to play something that’s a bit of a time sink, like last weekend with Skyrim. For one thing, I am having a Zoom meeting with my bridesmaids this weekend to discuss dresses, shoes, flowers, and things bridesmaids do. I will likely be drinking loads of wine during the call too, as it will be a sort of “visit” with my gals, if you could call it that, really. Other than that, I have household things to do that I have been putting off for ages now, and I am starting to feel rather disgusted with myself over it.

I do feel like playing a bit of Two Point Hospital this weekend though, and I am sure I will get round to it. The release date announcement for Two Point Campus got me thinking about revisiting the game, so I think I will fire it up on Sunday evening or something. I could definitely use the chuckle.

It’s not like I will be able to do much else anyway outside of doing things a grown adult should have taken care of ages ago. You see, my intended has started playing Dying Light again to get himself reacquainted with things before Dying Light 2 comes out on February 4. This means he will be hogging the bigger television, so I won’t be able to watch what I want in the living room, and there’s so much crap stacked on top of the chest of drawers in the bedroom, that the TV is practically blocked. Maybe that should be one of the things I straighten up this weekend.

Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief - The Premier League Transfer Window

It's that most wonderful time of the year: The January transfer window in football (soccer) land. It's an especially great time to be a Tottenham fan, as you spend weeks getting excited about rumoured signings, only for Liverpool or Barcelona snapping up said players at the last moment, leaving you with the less exciting news that the club has bought someone from a non-league club.

So yeah, that's what I've been doing in my free time and will likely be doing all weekend: reading forums full of gossip, only to have those dreams come crashing down on Monday night. If you support a better club, like Liverpool or Manchester City, you'll never know just what it's like to perpetually live on the wrong side of hope.

What are your weekend plans? Do you plan on playing any games, buying lotto tickets, or is there something else you're planning to get into? Let us know! We're genuinely curious.

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