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What are you playing this weekend?

When the weather is hot, you can stretch right up and touch the sky.

It's super hot in my neck of the woods. It has been since early June. We didn't have much of a spring, and we finally got some rain yesterday, which was sorely needed. Thankfully, it is raining again today, so maybe things won't look as brown.

As hot as it is, one would think Kentucky skipped July entirely and went straight into August. That's usually the time of year here when everything seems to be dying of thirst - not July. August is miserably hot, humid as Hell, and you can hear the grass crunch when you walk across it. They don't call the month of August the "Dog Days" around here for nothing.

Because it is so hot already, those without the luxury of a swimming pool (and those of us who refuse to dip one toe into a public pool) try to find indoor activities to do with the air conditioning turned down to sub-zero temperatures. In my house on the weekends, when it is hot like this, we play games - which I am sure many of you do as well.

But it's not just overly warm where I live - it's hot in other places too. Here's what Team VG247 is doing to beat the heat this weekend:

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Connor Makar, Contributor - DNF Duel, Legends of Runeterra

This weekend, I'll be continuing to play Nexon's fighting-action game DNF Duel. I'm still having a good time with it! It's an incredibly silly game, for sure, but I think it's the silliness that makes it so appealing to play.

I've also dipped my toe into Legends of Runeterra again for some reason. There were a few days last week where my internet wasn't doing so hot, which pushed me towards games playable online without falling apart in the face of packet loss or connection drops. It's pretty solid - and I'm in the process of building a nice Malphite deck up.

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Dom Peppiatt, Features Editor - Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

A brawl is surely brewing! That’s right, it’s the return of Cuphead, Mugman, and newcomer Ms. Chalice in The Delicious Last Course. I put Cuphead down after beating (most of) it way back in 2017 – you know, the time before the world became a living nightmare hellscape infected with the plague and slowly reaching a point-of-no-return temperature. Back then, I thought “I haven’t got the time to whittle away hours of my life, perfecting a fight against a cow that turns into a tin of hot dogs, only to be told my performance was A- quality”.

For whatever reason – whether it’s because of the way Covid has changed my mindset, or my more nihilistic outlook on life in general – my opinion on Cuphead has changed wildly. I now savour the opportunity to get my ass handed to me by a crew of fighter pilot dogs, about 40 times in a row, before I learn their attack patterns well enough to parry their tennis balls and take them out without being hit, even once.

I’m slowly making my way through the Cuphead DLC as my partner watches on, asking why a cow suddenly turns into sausages and starts hurling offcuts of her gristly meat at me. I’m living my life to the fullest, I promise.

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Stephany Nunneley, News Editor - Graveyard Keeper

It's been a while since I fired up Graveyard Keeper on Steam, and to be honest with you, I had completely forgotten about it. Not that it's a bad game. On the contrary, it's good. I have just had a bout of gaming ADD over the last couple of years.

Bought at release, I enjoyed the game the many, many hours I played it, but there are only so many autopsies you can perform, graves you can rob, and ghosts to fight before it becomes kind of a chore - unlike Stardew Valley which as you all know is my third love behind The Elder Scrolls and Lord of the Rings Online.

But, hearing Graveyard Keeper is now available via PS Plus Extra gave me an itch I feel I need to scratch, so I am going to fire Steam up and get back into the game sometime this weekend.

What do you plan on doing this weekend? Whatcha playin'? Let us know!

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