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Watch Dogs: clear all 15 gang hideouts, AK47, Rapid Reload, Basest Base

We show you the best approach, the stealth kills and the secrets for completing all of the Gang Hideout missions.


There are 15 gang hideouts dotted around the Watch Dogs map and they all offer substantial rewards. Here were detail the locations of each and tactics to approach and shutdown the enemies.

Getting Started

You unlock gang hideouts as you work through the main campaign, with the last of three phases unlocked after Mission 3: Pit of Paranoia in Act 3.

Here’s the amount of money each phase is worth and the point at which they unlock:

Phase 1 - $2,500 Reward, Act 1 - Mission 7: Thanks for the Tip
Phase 2 - $5,000 Reward, Act 2 - Mission 6: Jury-Rigged
Phase 3 - $10,000 Reward, Act 3 - Mission 3: A Pit of Paranoia

After completing a certain number of the gang hideout missions you’ll also be hit with some cracking rewards too. Check this lot out:

Complete 1 Gang Hideout: AK-47 Weapon
Complete 5 Gang Hideouts: Rapid Reload Skill
Complete 10 Gang Hideouts: Spec Ops SMG-11 Weapon
Complete 15 Gang Hideouts: Basest Base Trophy/Achievement

The order you come across the gang hideouts will not appear in the same format as the list below so be prepared to run around the map from one spot to the other.

The other point to note is that not all of the gang hideouts will appear automatically on the map. You’ll have to whip out your phone and profile NPCs in highly populated areas to get a lead but in our experience it’s always worth doing this as you’ll aslo get access to Criminal Convoys, Crimes Detected, Fixer Contracts and more.

When you approach a hideout always hack a camera close by to get a good idea of the layout, changing from one camera to the next. You can use them to thin out the gang members if you want, but be careful of alerting the whole hideout. Stealth is your friend here, use the Spec Ops 1911 and Goblin if you have them.

Gang Hideout 01: Port Authority, Brandon Docks

Approach from the southwest of the building and stay out of the restricted area to hack the cameras. This will reveal all guards and your target on the second floor.

Take out all the guards on the south of the building using the Spec Ops 1911, then travel north via the west side. You can take out the guards on patrol here one-by-one leaving just you and the target. You can’t kill the target, so move from cover to cover and sneak up on him to take him down.

Gang Hideout 02: Packing, Brandon Docks

Come at this hideout from the south and stop by the southeast wall to hack the camera high up on the building. From there you can change cameras and tag all enemies and the target.

You can hack everything here without any worries that your main target will flee, so detonate explosives on guards and devices. This will take out a good handful of enemies.

Use the spec Ops 1911 for single guards and IEDs for any that are grouped together. once they are all dead takedown the primary target.

Gang Hideout 03: Swap Meet, The Wards

Hack the camera to the north of the east gate. Again, move between cameras and tag all guards and the primary target.

Now head back to a dumpster on the east wall and climb it to the platform above. Use the Spec Ops 1911 and the ample cover to shoot guards as they approach closed areas on their patrols - that way their bodies have less chance of being discovered. Once everyone is down close in on the target and perform a takedown.

Gang Hideout 04: Compliments for the Cook, The Wards

Come at this area from the north and take cover behind all the building supplies. There’s a camera nearby to hack, so tag everyone before you begin.

It’s possible to take down all the guards here with Lures and Spec Ops headshots. Try an IED if you’re feeling brave, but be careful not to kill the main target. Once everyone is brown bread, perform a takedown on the main boss.

Gang Hideout 05: Union Dues, Parker Square

Again, approach this spot from the north, heading south where you’ll come across a blue lift. Get in it and hack it but make sure you’re standing next to the edge so you’re not spotted by guards upstairs. As the lift goes up to the next level there’s a guard but he shouldn’t hear you as you’re outside the restricted zone. Headshot that fool.

Leave the lift and get to the scaffolding on the right. Hack the camera to tag guards. Your main target is close by, so pop the necessary amount of guards and take him down before heading back the way you came. There’s no need to tangle with the rest of the guards unless you’re a completionist.

Gang Hideout 06: No Parking, The Loop

Get into the restricted area from the south and use the lift to get to the top. Once there, take cover behind the curved wall. Headshot the two guards close by with a silenced weapon, then hack the nearby camera and tag the rest of the guards and the boss target.

It’s now easy enough to take down the guards and the primary target.

Gang Hideout 07: Two for One, The Loop

Use the staggered flower beds on the northeast to enter this area until you get to the roof. Hide behind the air outlet and when the guard close by looks the other way, pop him in the head. Now quickly run to the other set of air vents and hide. Again, wait for the guard to look the other way and shoot him in the head.

You can now hack the camera to the south of your position and tag all enemies and the two bosses in this location. Move south using cover then work your way around the area clockwise taking the guards out silently. Once those guys are done with you can takedown the two bosses to clear the hideout.

Gang Hideout 08: Gone in a Flash, Brandon Docks

You know the drill by now: at the south of the area hack the cameras to tag all guards. Use the railing for cover and headshot the guards as they approach on their patrol. You can take out at least three of these guys before dropping down to ground level. Use the shadows cast by the shipping containers and headshot guards as you systematically move through the level. Once you’ve taken down the boss you can either get out of there or stick around and finish the rest of the guards off.

Gang Hideout 09: Street Cleaning, The Loop

Approach this area from the northwest and use the dumpster for cover as you hack the camera nearby. Again, tag the guards and your targets before moving on.

Concentrate on the single guard patrolling near the van and take him out, then head to the stairs close by and use the stack of wood for cover to take out the two closest guards. From here use a Lure to attract a few more guards and headshot them again. There are only seven guards here so that should be all of them taken care of before you finish the boss off.

Gang Hideout 10: The Tower, Made Mile

There’s only one way to approach this location so be careful and use the cameras as soon as you get the chance to tag everyone.

It’s best to eliminate guards one by one until you reach the blue lift. Go to the top level to bypass a bunch of guards.

At the upper level take down the boss and hop and drive off the side or kill the rest of the guards to complete the mission.

Gang Hideout 11: Beached, Pawnee

Come at this from the southwest and use the wall behind the first couple of targets as cover. Hack the cameras on the guards to tag everyone.

Use the cover to kill two or three guards, and with luck the rest of the guards will come searching to see what all the fuss is. If you’re methodical, you can pick each one off as he comes to investigate until there’s not left. Just stay in the same spot, reload regularly and go for headshots.

Once those guys have stopped coming, take down the boss. Blam.

Gang Hideout 12: Out of the Woodwork, Pawnee

Once you’ve gone south over the bridge, use the conveyer belt to get inside the lumber mill. You’re now above the guards and they have no idea you’re there, so use the cameras to tag everyone including the main target.

From here you can take out a lot of guards who will come to you to try and get at you. As with the previous hideout, remain in one spot, use cover and go for headshots. Once that’s over with head southwest from here for a few more guards and the final target.

Gang Hideout 13: Burning Bridges, Pawnee

This gang hideout is all about timing. Come in from the south and get over the trailer to head north in the restricted zone. There are three targets in total. A good option here is to move around and profile all the guards so you don’t accidentally kill a target.

Deal with the guard near the car on the bridge first, then head to the building materials next to a vehicle. up and to your right is a guard - headshot him and move to the first target to take him out of the picture.

Now head north and look over the side of the bridge towards a catwalk on the east. There’s another guard on his own so headshot him with a Spec Ops gun and head down the stairs on the west, moving east. There’s a guard below you. Shoot him in the head.

See the lift? Next to it you’ll find the stairs that lead to a crane. Get on it and use it to move closer to the last target. Take out guards as you go with headshots, and when you get to the top of the bridge quietly eliminate the rest of the guards. Use and IED if anyone else shows up, then lay into the final boss and grab any cash or ammo left lying around.

Gang Hideout 14: Decapitated, Pawnee

This one is a bit messy. Approach from the northeast and go up the road to deal with the sniper covering the graveyard. Hack the nearby camera and tag the rest of the guards and the single target.

This is an open area so it’s difficult to do this stealthily. Use what high ground there is but understand that you’re going to need heavy firepower but inevitably back up will be called in. Once all the guards are dealt with, take down the main bad guy.

Gang Hideout 15: The Low Road, Mad Mile

If you come at this area from the south there’s a shipping container which you can climb on use the wood on top for cover. Hack the cameras to tag guards and the single boss. Stay low and use stealth - if you’re spotted you’ll have to deal with backup and a boss who races off through Chicago.

Take down the guard in front of you and his friend who comes to investigate. Over to the north you’ll see a third guard - deal with him and jump down to move through the area anti-clockwise. You’ll end up behind the target where you can kill a few more guards.

When you get the opportunity to take down the target do so - don’t worry about the rest of the guards spotting you. It’s easier to deal with him here and then fight his guards than fight his guard and then chase him halfway across the map. alternatively, take him down and get out of the area all together.

Congratulations, you’ve just unlocked the Basest Base achievement!

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