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USstreamer: Come Enjoy the Symphony of the Night! [Update: Over!]

Jeremy takes on the Castlevania classic in hopes of finally answering that all-consuming question: What is a man?

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This week's USgamer Club takes us back to Transylvania, 1792, to fight our way through Count Dracula's ever-changing castle with the help of his rebellious dhampir son, Alucard. To celebrate, this week's first USstreamer broadcast will also be taking on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

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Enjoy the highlights of our Symphony session!

Join Jeremy Parish this afternoon as he forges his way through the so-called "creature of Chaos" trying to solve the mystery of Dracula's unexpected resurrection. To keep things interesting, he'll be playing with Symphony's luck code added — a special option that boosts Alucard's luck rating to 119 while reducing every other stat to 1. In other words, it makes him very fortunate, but also renders him weak as a kitten. Join the stream and see how badly things go for Jeremy with the odds in his favor, but everything else stacked against him!

Watch the show right here at 5 p.m. Eastern (2 p.m. Pacific) and make a drinking game out of Jeremy's constant deaths! Or check it out on our Twitch page. Your choice! And when you're done, join in the USgamer Club conversation!

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