Rumor: EA to revive NBA Jam as a Wii-exclusive

We had no idea it was abnormal for professional basketball players to catch on fire until well-past our childhood years. Why? NBA Jam. Big heads, bigger dunks, and spontaneous combustion meant that NBA Jam could never be accurate – but damn was it ever fun. And now, according to ESPN‘s sources, the high-flying franchise is […]

Midway headlines

  • This is Vegas not canceled after all

    This is Vegas canned? Not a chance, says Warner Bros. “This is Vegas has not been cancelled,” a WB spokesperson told G4. “The game is currently in production.” And so, like the nightlife vampires it depicts, This is Vegas is not so easily killed. The wet T-shirted dream lives on, for better or for worse.

  • Midway's This is Vegas probably canceled

    According to a report on Action Trip, Midway’s glitz, glamor, and sleaze simulator This is Vegas has probably been canned. Apparently, GameStop has informed preorderers that the game won’t be making it into their surprisingly eager hands, so that’s probably that. The cancellation can most likely be attributed to Midway’s recent sale to Warner Bros. […]

  • Mortal Kombat team becomes WB Games Chicago

    After being plucked from financial quicksand by Warner Bros., Midway’s been having a bit of an identity crisis. Now though, it seems the drama’s done and over, because according to superannuation, a very crucial piece of Midway has been rebranded. The gist of it is that two former Midway employees — who are now with […]

  • Midway’s Wheelman delayed, demo announced

    Kotaku sends word that Midway’s Vin Diesel-centric open worlder has hit a snag. Originally scheduled for February 20, it’s now dropping exactly one slightly truncated month later on March 20. Fortunately, a pre-release demo has been squeezed out of Midway’s emaciated form, though when it’ll actually ooze onto Xbox Live and PSN is anyone’s guess. […]

  • Midway Presents: Bankruptcy possibly delayed until February

    Shacknews sends word that Midway’s playing its trump card in its duel with fate’s cruel whims. Apparently, the beleaguered publisher was able to convince a portion of its investors to delay enacting their money-back guarantee – applicable because a large portion of Midway recently changed hands — until February 19. If Midway’s able to talk […]

  • Midway says secret game looks “better” than Gears 2, downplays “spiral of doom” talk

    Gears 2, your days as prettiest hulking man-girl on the block are numbered. At least, they are if Midway creative director Simon Woodroffe is to be believed. “I just saw a demo of a new Midway game that’s in development. I can’t tell you too much about it, but they’ve been on it for three […]

  • Ex-Midway guys: Unreal Engine 3 tinkering put Midway in “spiral of doom”

    To be frank, things aren’t looking so hot for Midway. But according to Variety, at least now we have something to blame: Unreal Engine 3. “The mistake we made was, instead of just taking the base Unreal 3 engine that Gears of War was made on and building games off of that, we let our […]

  • Booty takes CEO role at Midway

    Midway’s confirmed Matt Booty is to take a full-time role as CEO and president of Midway. He’s served as interim boss of the first since March this year, when David Zucker “left” the company after some seriously impressive cash-losing. “Over the past two quarters we have made progress reducing costs, realigning our studios, and improving […]