100 Million

Cityville passes 100 million MAU

Zynga’s Cityville has smashed its own record as the most popular Facebook app of all time, and nows stands at 100,064,578 monthly active users, InsideSocialGames reports.

10 years ago

100 Million headlines

  • China: 100 million new gamers in "the next few years"

    China’s gaming population is set to explode in the coming years, if analyst firm Niko Partners is to be believed.

    11 years ago
  • Need for Speed series breaks 100 million units

    EA’s Need for Speed series has now sold more then 100 million units, the publisher said today.Total cash accrued from the IP ammounts to $2.7 billion. EA claimed Need for Speed is now the most popular racing property in games.Some ridiculous facts, courtesy of the PR after the break: Launched 15 blockbuster titles across more […]

    12 years ago
  • Take-Two borrows $100 million, issues notes, Pachter explains why

    Take-Two has decided to issue “$100 million in convertible senior notes to raise funds for general corporate purposes”.What in the name of sainted Jesus does that mean, says you? Wedbush Morgan mega-analyst Michael Pachter sets you straight:It means that Take-Two has decided to borrow $100 million. The company currently has $180 million, but has $70 […]

    12 years ago
  • Spore hits 100 million creations

    More than 100 million creations have now been made in Spore, SporeIllustrated reports.The milestone was hit yesterday at around 5:10pm EST. Give or take a minute or two.Mental. Have you killed more people than the entire population of planet earth, though, Mr Spore? We don’t think so.

    12 years ago
  • DS breaks 100 million mark worldwide

    Nintendo just confirmed by press release that DS has now sold more than 100 million units worldwide.The figure was reached on March 6, apparently and represents a “significant milestone in the life of this franchise”.The machine launched in 2004 in Japan and the US, being followed in 2005 in Europe.

    12 years ago
  • DS close to breaking 100 million units, say Nikkei

    According to a Nihon Keizai Shimbun report, DS will go through the 100 million unit sales mark this month.The figure takes into account all iterations of the hardware, namely DS, DS Lite and DSi.The machine initially launched in 2004 in the US and Japan, followed in 2005 in Europe.Thanks, Kotaku.

    12 years ago
  • Rare sales hit 100 million mark

    According to this article on its official site, Rare can now boast 100 million software sales since the company launched in 1985.“The result of releasing more than 100 titles across systems ranging from NES to Xbox 360 does seem like something worth mentioning, even if a couple of those titles were Taboo and Sesame Street […]

    13 years ago
  • Sims breaks 100 million mark

    EA announced overnight the The Sims has now sold more than 100 million units worldwide.“At this milestone, we want to thank players of The Sims everywhere for making The Sims such a worldwide phenomenon,” said Rod Humble, head of studio for The Sims Label. “The Sims has been an interactive experience for people around the […]

    13 years ago
  • GDC: The Sims about to hit 100 million units, says EA

    According to this, EA has confirmed at GDC that The Sims is about to hit the 100 million sales milestone.“The Sims is a highly successful entertainment brand,” said EA’s vice president for global brand development of The Sims label Steve Seabolt. “In fact, we’re coming up next month on selling our 100 millionth unit of […]

    13 years ago