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SSX "finally delivering on the fantasy"

SSX creative director Todd Batty says the franchise will give players the long-desired chance to go free form on the slopes.

"We're finally delivering on the fantasy for the player of begin able to trick and ride off anything. In SSX, if you can see it, you can ride it," Batty told Gamespot during a stage demo at E3.

"You can jump off it, you can trick it. If it's got any kind of edge to it - like the Great Wall here - you can grind it.

"Gone are the days off oh, there's a log, and I can grind that log. We are detecting the surface all around the rider and just scanning and looking for sharp edges and if the player requests a grind and it's sharp enough, you can grind it."

Batty commented that the development team is respectful of the established SSX fanbase, and "approached [the IP] carefully, and with great trepidation". Commenting that he thinks the new game has "all the madness - and then some new madness," he asked fans to remain patient, and promised a full reveal soon.

"We have some really cool innovations coming … we're sort of saving that for gamescom, where we're really gonna unveil everything that we're doing."

See the full demo below.

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