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Source: Forza 3 will release this Christmas


VG247 has learned that Microsoft intends to release Forza 3 as one of its major 360 titles this holiday.

The game has never been confirmed by the company, although it was heavily involved in the Intellisponse leak fiasco last June.

Intellisponse marketing concepts hinted that the game may feature a Collector's Edition, DLC, over 100 tracks and 400 cars.

Microsoft's Q4 first-party line-up for this year is unknown as yet, and we're still in the dark as to when it'll be announced.

The publisher hasn't confirmed a GDC keynote this year: last year it used the platform to announce Gears of War 2, with the rest of its Christmas roster being shown at a US event in May.

Aside from Forza, it's now known that newly-formed developer Ruffian is working on a "Crackdown 1.5" product aimed for release at the end of this year.

Halo: ODST will also release in late 2009.

We've asked Microsoft for comment.

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