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Rumour - Capcom vs Marvel 3, SSFIV PC reveals coming soon


According to a rumour from Team Spooky, a reveal of Marvel vs Capcom 3 could be coming soon.

Kotaku insists there could be some substance to this, as this is the same lot who leaked the entire Super Street Fighter IV roster, which ended up to be bang on.

Team Spooky says a reveal will happen in May, although it's possible if there was a unveil, it could happen at Capcom's Captivate event next week in Hawaii.

The game before it, MvC2, was re-released on PSN and Xbox Live Arcade last year. The firm's already said that it may announce another versus title this year.

The website also say there's a PC version of SSFIV in the works, although don't know when it's due to even be revealed or released.

Capcom's only confirmed so far the fighter will release on PS3 and 360 by the end of this month, with an Arcade version announced last weekend.

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