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Rogue Legacy trailer shows a world of procedural, retro RPG fun

Rogue Legacy is the 'Rogue Lite' title from Cellar Door Games. It's swarming with pixelated fantasy RPG platformer goodness, and it's just received a new trailer.

The game casts you as a hero who must explore procedurally-generated castles swarming with beasts, traps and trinkets waiting to be collected, all set to a retro soundtrack. When you die, your children succeed you and carry on the quest.

Thee are eight classes, big skill trees and a system that sees you coming back stronger each time you die. There's also a keep-building mechanic at play. It's very interesting and anyone who enjoys retro platformers or RPG titles should check out the trailer below:

Watch on YouTube

You can order the game for $15 here. You can also download a free demo here.

Thanks AGB.

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