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Revisit Another World on iOS

It's only fitting that some of the most fabulous retro games are getting a new lease of life on some of the most fabulous new technology - case in point: The 20th anniversary re-release of classic platformer Another World, which has just been launched for iOS.

Developed by Eric Chahi (who's been in the news recently as the creator of not-a-God-game From Dust), Another World was known as Out of This World in North America and Outer World in Japan. It's kind of a big deal, inspiring countless developers and pleasing gamers around the world with its (then) innovative sound, graphics and cut-scenes.

If you missed it the first time around, now's your chance. Step into the shoes of Lester Knight Chaykin, a young scientist thrown through space by a bit of a nuclear mishap. There are monsters and earthquakes and puzzles (oh my!), and you'll need skill and logic to get through this one.

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It claims to have been redesigned "to fit iOS gaming standards and young gamers' expectations" too, which is darling. Another World is currently available in the App Store for $5.49.

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