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Resident Evil 3 Remake walkthrough Jill Clock Tower Plaza and Carlos Hospital

You’ve fought your way through the RCPD with Carlos in part three of our Resident Evil 3 Remake guide, and now you’re back to Jill as she readies herself to fight Nemesis again.

Head through the room with the crank and pick the safe room ahead clean. Save and reorganize if you need to.

Leave the room and follow the corridor around. Kill or evade the zombies. Climb the stairs and use the shotgun to clear the way. Now climb the ladder ahead.

Now you’re back on the streets and by the waterfront. Make your way across the bridge and you’re in for a good old fashioned boss fight.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Clock Tower boss fight

The idea here is to use your mines in your grenade launcher to knock Nemesis down when he runs across the walls like an animal.

When he’s on the floor, use your shotgun and pistol as much as possible. When he climbs or runs, place a mine in his path and you’ll knock him down. Switch to explosive rounds and hit him while he’s down.

Keep doing this while dodging his attacks and it’ll be over before you know it. The edges of the arena are also filled with items you need.

Head through the gate to trigger another cutscene and then you’re back to Carlos again.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Carlos hospital

Jill has been infected and, as Carlos, it’s up to you to find a cure. Luckily you’re in the one hospital in the world that has a vaccine! Handy!

Take the time to save and check your equipment, then head out the door into the Lobby.

There’s some assault rifle ammo on the desk. Grab it and head through the door you can enter.

You’ll enter another reception room lit up by the blue light of a vending machine. Take the zombies out so you can safely pass. Head out into the corridor when you’re done.

Take a right, then take a left. Shoot the bobblehead on your left and head through the door into Lab Reception.

Grab the Tape Player from the desk and take note of the voice locked door ahead. Take a left there and grab the green herb before heading through the door. Take the zombies out in the Emergency Entrance Room. Grab the assault rifle ammo off the table and break the box for the item inside, then head through the south side door. Take a right and head up the stairs.

Head through the door at the top of the stairs and out onto the rooftop. Follow it around and back into the corridor.

Take a left and grab the map from the wall ahead. Now head into the Records Room next to you. Grab all the supplies from inside and save the game if you like. Now head out the door and into the Staff Room next door.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Hospital ID Card

Grab some assault rifle ammo from inside, note the locked door, then head back out into the corridor. Follow it around to the Nurses’ Station.

Deal with the zombies that break in, then head through the room near the safe. Check our Resident Evil 3 Remake safe code guide for the combination.

Grab what you need from the Sick Room and head back out into the corridor, taking a left.

Jump down through the open window into the courtyard and grab the Tactical Grip for your assault rifle. Then jump the wall and grab the Key from the ground. Once you have it, head inside and back up the stairs, out onto the roof and kill the zombie, then back through the other side of the corridor.

Head back to the locked door in the Staff Room. Use the key and head inside. You can discard the key when you’ve used it. Get the Hospital ID card.

When you exit the Staff Room a cutscene will play and you’ll be face to face with your first hunter. They hate grenades so chuck one at it and finish it off with your gun.

Exit the door and head to the Nurses’ Station. Use the Hospital ID Card on the door inside. This will take you to the Treatment Room via the Linen Room.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Audiocassette Tape

You’ll have to deal with some zombies in the Linen Room and some hunters in the Treatment Room. It’s also worth opening the hatch door in the Linen Room to create a shortcut. Once you’ve killed the enemies, grab the Audiocassette Tape from the Treatment Room and combine it with the Tape Player.

Use the shortcut you opened and jump down into the courtyard to quickly make your way back to the voice locked door.

When you go through the door near the stairs, watch out for a load of zombies crashing through the glass. When you kill them all, you might as well use the ID Card to go into the room with the “operating” sign above it. You can discard the ID Card once you’ve used it.

Grab the supplies from inside and head through to the Lab Reception and the voice locked door.

Here you’ll find Bard and a computer to interact with. In the room next to the computer you’ll find the Vaccine Sample. Grab it and head back to Jill. Watch out for the new hunters and zombies that pop up along the way.

The next section is essentially wave defense. You simply need to keep the zombies away from the door you barricaded, so go ham with your assault rifle and use the electric box to your advantage. Make sure to grab the detonator from the pillar.

About halfway through, the lights will go out. A hunter will appear from the door behind the reception desk, so use a grenade to take it out, then head inside that door

Grab the Hip Pouch and items from inside and press the switch on the wall. Keep holding the waves back, watching for parasite zombies and hunters, until a cutscene plays. When it does, run straight to the pillar and interact with it, using the detonator on the C4.

Once you’ve done that, you just need to survive for 30 seconds and you’re done. Use the reception desk to keep the zombies away from you and back up into the room with the switch as a last resort.

In the next part of our guide, we’ll tell you how to get the magnum in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

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