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Red Orchestra 2 map pack out now, free

Tripwire Interactive has released three new maps for both Red Orchestra 2 games, entirely for free.

The three maps were created as part of the Counterattack Mapping Contest. Here are the details:

  • Bridges of Druzhina - features asymmetrical gameplay with the Soviets attacking across open country supported by a single tank, through a destroyed city and on to the final bridge.
  • Cold Steel - a lethal warren of huge factory buildings, creating both longer-range fire-fights and sudden, brutal close-quarters battles.
  • Gumrak Station - a re-imagining of an old favorite from the original Red Orchestra, as the Germans assault through trenches and a small village to the railway station of the title.

These Official Custom Maps are free from today for all owners of Battle of Stalingrad or Rising Storm, and are the second set to arise from the Counterattack contest. Tripwire also issued a polite reminder that it supports Steam Workshop, so there are lots of free community-made maps to try.

Red Orchestra: The Battle of Stalingrad is 75% off on Steam, while stand-alone expansion Rising Storm is 50% off.

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