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The best Naraka Bladepoint weapons for close and long range

Dominate the opposition with the best Naraka Bladepoint weapons for your playstyle.

If you want to win every match, you’ll need to pick the best Naraka Bladepoint weapons.

Even more than heroes, weapon choice will determine how long you stay alive in 24 Entertainment’s battle royale. They might all look deadly, but some are definitely more worthwhile than others.

Naraka Bladepoint best weapons | The best melee weapons

Melee weapons are your primary source of dealing damage. The best weapons give you greater range and attack speed, even if they don’t hit as hard.

Naraka Bladepoint best weapons | Longsword

The longsword shines as the best melee weapon. It’s faster than most and has good range — not as good as the spear, admittedly — which makes it perfect for newcomers and experienced players. Best of all, your focus attacks send out energy waves that damage enemies even more.

Naraka Bladepoint best weapons | Spear

The spear is a top pick for melee weapons thanks to its versatility. As you’d expect from a blade on a stick, the spear lets you reach enemies just a bit better than most weapons. It also gives you an extra spinning attack should your focus move land, which is always handy.

Naraka Bladepoint best weapons | Greatsword

The greatsword is the most powerful melee weapon, but there’s a caveat. Sure, you land your focus move on the second hit instead of the third, but that’s probably because the weapon is so slow.

That means it’s easy for enemies to predict what your next move is and counter accordingly. Whether the raw damage output is worth the risk of being disarmed is for you to decide, but we certainly don’t recommend this to newcomers.

Naraka Bladepoint best weapons | Katana

The katana is a basic melee weapon that’s faster than the longsword and weaker than just about everything else. Don’t rely on this one in a one-to-one fight. However, it does work well for stealthy characters if you can land an attack and run away.

Naraka Bladepoint best weapons | The best ranged weapons

There’s no clear winner for ranged weapons, as each has one or two drawbacks to consider.

Naraka Bladepoint best weapons | Repeating Crossbow

The repeating crossbow takes a bit to charge up, but once the arrows fly, they deal heavy damage. The rate of fire means you’ll leave a dent in your foes even if your accuracy could use improvement. Just don’t rely on it in a pinch. That initial charge time leaves you open to attack.

Naraka Bladepoint best weapons | Bow

The bow is the longsword of ranged weapons. It might not leave as big an imprint on your enemies as some, but it does fire faster than other ranged weapons — especially the musket. It’s also got a charged attack, which is particularly good for stealthy characters such as Matari.

Naraka Bladepoint best weapons | Pistol

The pistol is a strong weapon, but only in certain circumstances. The normal shots are fairly weak, though the stronger shots take a while to charge. It’s not something you can rely on in every situation, though it’s good enough for supplemental damage.

Naraka Bladepoint best weapons | Musket

The Musket is essentially just a heavier bow. It deals slightly more damage, at the cost of a decent rate of fire. Long reload times mean the musket is a situational weapon and not our top pick.

Naraka Bladepoint best weapons | Canon

However, the canon is worse. It hits hard when shots land, but the problem is actually getting them to land. Canan shot moves slowly and gives your target plenty of time to move. However, if you pull this out at close range where there’s not much time to dodge, it does yield good results — though it’s not much of a ranged weapon at that point.

The right Naraka Bladepoint weapon and character combo might even help you defeat Moonbane, if you’re lucky enough to find it. Should lag be your biggest foe, we’ve got some weapons to use against that as well.

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