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Mythic Legends tips for auto-battler domination

Expert tips that are sure to give you an edge over the competition.

Auto-battlers are currently the hottest thing in strategy gaming, but until now they’ve had some drawbacks on mobile platforms. Long sessions demanding constant player engagement are fine for PC gamers, but mobile gamers need a drop-in/drop-out experience, and that’s exactly what Mythic Legends delivers. And it does so without sacrificing any of the tactical depth you’d want from a strategy RPG.

We don’t have space here to cover every single strategic detail of Mythic Legends in depth, but we can run you through some expert tips that are sure to give you an edge over the competition.

Essential Tips For Winning Battles

First of all, unlike in other auto-battlers, there’s no time pressure in Mythic Legends, so you can take as long as you like to study your opponent and set up the perfect counter-attack. Simply maxing out your power rating won’t work in every battle here. In fact, your most satisfying wins will be against opponents with higher power ratings. You really need to set up your formation so that you defend against your opponent’s strengths, and target their weaknesses. Never assume that a formation that works against one opponent will work against every opponent in the Tournament. If you really want to win, you have to tailor your tactics to every battle.

Just like in other auto-battlers, synergies play an important role in Mythic Legends, so deploying as many Champions as possible of the same Origin or Class is usually a smart strategy. A level 2 synergy bonus is always more than twice as good as a level 1, and a level three is always twice as good as a level 2, so stacking your Champions into one or two synergies will grant you the best synergy bonuses. But although synergy bonuses are powerful, they’re not everything. You also need to take into account the level and rarity of your Champions, their individual abilities, and how they stack up against your opponent’s team. Sometimes sacrificing a synergy bonus for another priority can win you a battle.

Understand the Champions

Figuring out exactly which Champions, which synergies and which artifacts are helping you most in battle can be tricky given that there’s a lot happening on-screen over just a short space of time. Fortunately, Mythic Legends includes a sophisticated Battle Stats screen to help you figure out where your strengths and weaknesses are. The most important section is Damage, which tells you how much pain each Legend and Champion managed to dish out. But always remember that not every Champion’s role is primarily to inflict damage. Under Received you can see how much damage each Champion absorbed, which is particularly useful if you want to check that your defensive Knight Champions are doing their job. And Under Healing, you can check how effective your Priests and other healers are. Of course, you always have to remember that your next battle might play out completely differently to your last one, but this is a really useful tool nonetheless.

Mythic Legends artwork showing characters in action.

Between battles you get to choose Champion cards and Artifacts with which to boost your team. The Champion cards are only offered in small quantities which, if you’re lucky, might be just enough to allow you to level up a Champion, but it’s the Artifacts that make the biggest difference. There are two main approaches to choosing Artifacts. You can snap up the 3-star ones as soon as they become available, or you can play a long-game strategy and invest in the 1-star Artifacts early, before levelling them up into extremely powerful 2-star and 3-star items. As always, there’s no single right way to do it. You need to take into account which Artifacts will benefit your team the most, and which will cause your opponents the most problems. In general, levelling up the common Artifacts is a solid strategy, as they’re usually beneficial to your entire team no matter what your strategy. The rarer, more specialized Artifacts always have some random aspect to them, which makes them more of a gamble, so you never know whether they’re going to prove utterly devastating or completely useless.

Know Your Enemies

You’ll be facing up to 8 opponents in Mythic Legends tournaments, and even the most hardened strategy gamer is going to have a tough time keeping track of every one of them, and tailoring a strategy for each. This is why we recommend identifying the strongest players early on in the tournament, and focussing your tactical brain power on how to beat them. They are, after all, going to be the last players standing at the end of the Tournament. You might suffer a few minor losses against weaker players along the way, but it doesn’t really matter if they’re going to be knocked out after a few rounds anyway. Focus your mind, and your coins and gems if necessary, onto beating those stronger players, and you’re more likely to come out on top at the end.

Mythic Legends artwork showing characters in action.

Our final tip regards the best long-term strategy in Mythic Legends. You’re inevitably going to level up the Champions you acquire early on, and they’re going to fulfil a kind of “old faithful” role, meaning you’ll be reluctant to retire them, even when you unlock new, more exotic Origins as you progress through the game. But we can’t emphasise enough that, while it might be a little painful, it is well worth investing in new Origins as you unlock them, and gradually phasing out most of those older Champions. This is because the Origins you unlock later have generally better Champions and better synergy bonuses. As always, there are no absolutes or guarantees, and you will need to experiment and mix and match. But we can confidently say that if you rely too heavily on your old faithfuls, you will gradually get left behind by players who are exploiting the new Origins.

Join the fight today!

Now, if you haven’t already started, you should be ready to enter the Mythic Legends arena and start rising to the top of the Tournament leaderboards. Just remember, there’s no one way to win. The fun of this game is experimenting with combinations and formations, discovering new, more potent strategies the more you play

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