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Music from Sonic 4 leaked onto the net


Looks like someone has leaked 18 music files from Sonic 4 onto the net.

If you go to the official site for the speedy blue one, you can download a legitimate version of the Splash Hill Zone 1 music. While there, you will notice that three more music files have been locked.

Well, over on SoundCloud, user BigtheCat (via CVG) has 18 files up, including the one you can get from the official site.

Music from the following zones are included:

  • Splash Hill Zone
  • Casino Street
  • Lost Labyrinth
  • Mad Gear
  • Special Stage
  • Boss Music
  • Invincibility
  • Final Stage
  • Ending

If you like Sonic music, well, you'll love what you'll hear probably.

Sonic 4: Episode One is slated for summer on PSN, WiiWare and XBLA.

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