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Moore - 360 and PS3 Grand Slam Tennis will be released, will use motion tech


EA Sports is still planning on releasing 360 and PS3 versions of Grand Slam Tennis, division boss Peter Moore's told VG247, but only when motion controllers have launched for both systems.

Moore delayed the games in August following the release of a MotionPlus-compatible Wii version.

"You will do on the new motion technologies," Moore said when asked if we'll see the 360 and PS3 SKUs actually make it to market.

"One thing that becamse glaringly obvious is that once you started playing Wii MotionPlus tennis and then you go back to [traditional controllers]."

Moore added that MotionPlus had "ruined" tennis games on standard controllers for him, but reiterated that the success of EA Sports Active had been an equal part of the decision to slip.

"It's two things," he said. "Active is such a powerful platform that we have to bring in resources to take advantage of that and get more stuff coming down the pipe.

"Secondly we've decided just to wait for Natal and for the Sony motion controller to come out."

Natal is expected late next year, while Sony's motion tech should release next spring.

Moore was speaking at GamesCom in Cologne.

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