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Mark Jacobs bids adieu to fans and Mythic


Mark Jacobs has written a farewell of sorts to fans and former colleagues via his blog, Games are a Niche Market.

The former head of Mythic explains his departure and talks a bit about the changes at the company he co-founded with Rob Denton.

"Early in May, Electronic Arts let me know that they wanted to make some changes within the Games Label and as a result of those changes I have been out of the office (and out of touch with the team, game, etc.) since that day," he wrote.

"If you are looking or expecting me to damn EA or anyone there, you will be sorely disappointed. Over my 23 years of making games professionally I have refrained from attacking the competition, former and/or current partners, other game developers, etc. except on a few very rare instances.

"I have no intention of breaking with tradition at the present time and I hope my track record in this regard remains unchanged for the rest of my career."

You can read the full thing through here.


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