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What was your favourite game in the Nintendo Direct? February 2022 edition

Your picks for the best games coming to Nintendo Switch.

Well wasn't all that rather exciting? The first Nintendo Direct of the year hit us in the usual spectacular Nintendo style: game after game, a couple of big surprises, some notable absences, and a fan favourite to send us home happy at the end. Well, certainly me happy, anyway.

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BUT WHAT ABOUT YOU? Segue genius. Using the incredible power of polling technology and the irresistable urge of expressing your opinions in an easily-clickable form, we want to know what was your favourite announcement from yesterday's big batch. For a reminder, do check our February 2022 Nintendo Direct round-up.

Gee whizz, that's a lot of games. I'm personally a Xenoblade Chronicles guy so it was nice to see the long-rumoured and much-discussed third game announced, and all the hints seem to point to something that brings the two previous games together. Advance Wars also formed a key part of my childhood, and while there's still much to discuss on the art front, the characters are looking great, voice acting is a nice addition, and worst comes to worst I'm happy to just play those games again.

But you're what's important here - what was hot, what was not? Are you a Klonoa super-stan, or the only person left alive that hasn't played Portal? Maybe a Dread masochist, or simply excited to go bowling again after two years pandemic-locked? Let us know!

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