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It looks like Destiny 2's Haunted Forest is returning for this year's Festival of the Lost

Bungie may have inadvertently spoiled some part of the return of Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost.

Festival of the Lost, essentially Destiny's version of Halloween, is a seasonal event that kicks off in October. Last year's iteration was the most involved, featuring new weapons and an entirely new activity called the Haunted Forest.

During the event, Bungie debuted two new emblems: Deep in the Woods, and Terror’s End. One tracks the number of tree branches reached, and the other the number of terrors killed. Polygon, however, recently spotted that the emblems have been updated with a 2019 stat field.

This wouldn't happen unless Bungie is planning to bring back the Haunted Forest for this year's Festival of the Lost. Although this obviously doesn't confirm the activity's return, it's a pretty good indication.

Haunted Forest is a replayable, co-op activity and was well received by players. This year's Festival of the Lost has already been confirmed for October 29, so we're likely going to learn more towards the end of this week or next.

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