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Crimson Dragon boss battle footage, direct from E3

Sam's having a heck of a time at E3 2013, checking out all the games we plebs at home won't see for ages yet. His latest scoop is a look at Crimson Dragon, the much-anticipated Panzer Dragoon spiritual successor heading to Xbox One. Check out this boss battle complete with commentary from Microsoft producer Chris Rubyor.

Director Yukio Futatsugi said recently that the Xbox 360 version has not been cancelled, despite the announced shift to Xbox One. Crimson Dragon is playable with Kinect or control pad, and is on-rails shooter offering players the chance to tame and level up a variety of dragons. It has single-player and co-op play, and even the chance to play with an AI buddy based on a friend's ghosts data.

Also: they're not actually dragons. They're aliens. Just FYI.

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