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Capcom to remove offline limitations for SSFIV:AE on PC

Capcom will remove character limitations to offline mode for the PC edition of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition shortly after the game launches.

Last week, Capcom announced some of the features coming to the Arcade Edition on PC, and also revealed some of the game limitation in offline mode. Folks where unhappy about this, so the firm has decided to release a title update sometime around launch which will remove these limitations.

"The argument that legitimate users would have a worse experience than pirates was the loudest and most convincing," said Capcom’s US VP, Christian Svensson on the matter. "We certainly don’t want that to be the case and that was never our intention.

"So we’ve heard you loud and clear and here’s what we’re going to do about it. Shortly after launch (it might even be at launch, but we’ll see how submission timing and approval goes) we will roll out a small title update that will completely remove the character limitations for offline mode. That is to say, once you’ve updated, you will be able to use all 39 characters when not connected to the Internet to practice your combo timings, have some fun with a friend on a laptop, or whatever while offline.

"As one would logically expect, to get any of the benefits of the online services you must be online and logged in.

"With that hurdle hopefully now cleared, I hope that we can make Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition the most successful fighting game ever on PC. I’d certainly like to continue to grow our audience on the largest platform in the world."

SSFIV: AE is slated for June 7 on Xbox Live and PSN as DLC, on disc at retail on June 24, and on PC in July.

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