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If I had £500 I’d buy all this cool stuff on Black Friday

I don’t have cash to burn, but if I did, here's what I'd pick up this Black Friday.

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Let me start by saying this. When it comes to spending money, for better or worse, I generally adopt a similar attitude to Seinfeld’s George Costanza; each bit of loose change I surrender, or any little number decrease to any of my bank accounts, hurts me on a physical level.

Though, thanks to my genetics, I’m also a sucker for a good bargain, which makes Black Friday an interesting proposition. Sometimes I just see a deal I like and swear that, had I a decent wad of cash to spare, I’d overcome my frugal nature and snap them up.

Here are a few from this year’s sales that’ve had that effect.

HYPERX HX-MICQC-BK Quadcast Gaming Microphone - Black, £66.99

The HYPERX HX-MICQC-BK Quadcast Gaming Microphone.
Mic drop. Well, actually I hope it doesn't do that because it's fairly expensive. | Image credit: VG247/Currys

Yes, we’re starting off with a microphone, because I like the sound of my own voice. Or, at the very least, I like the idea of other people having to listen to my voice. Thanks to this cool mic, which currently has $33 knocked off its full price here, I assume that I’d be able to subject the masses who tune into whichever of VG247’s very good podcasts and videos I happen to be featured in to a very high-quality rendition of my dulcet Northern tones.

Sure, its name’s a bit of a mouthful, but the HyperX HX-MICQC-BK is compatible with PCs, Macs and the PS4 - the latter of which I still use sometimes, because I don’t like spending money on new hardware. It also comes with a built-in headphone jack, which is very useful for people like me who prefer saving the charge in their wireless headphones for listening to podcasts while out and about by staying wired while at home. It’s also red and black, which appeals to the slightly edgy goth kid in me that once dragged his parents to see My Chemical Romance.

Buy at Amazon or Currys.

AOC Q27G2U/BK Quad HD 27" VA Gaming Monitor - Black & Red, £169.00

The AOC Q27G2U/BK Quad HD 27" VA Gaming Monitor.
Monitoring the monitor deals. | Image credit: VG247/Currys

Yes, this one’s also black and red.

I’ve been considering investing in a second monitor for a little while and AOC’s Q27G2U/BK, which is currently £40 cheaper than usual, looks like it’d provide exactly what I’d need. Though I’m not that into the kinds of online FPS titles - your Call of Duties or your Apex Legends for example - for which it’d really come in handy, I’m not going to say no to a 144 Hz refresh rate, 1 millisecond pixel response time and a dedicated low input lag mode. With speeds that quick, I might finally stop crashing so much in EA WRC.

Plus, as someone with a setup that’s beginning to feel a bit crowded, being able to adjust the height of the screen to match wherever I decide to put it in relation to my desk chair is a must.

Buy at Amazon or Currys.

Ninja ZEROSTICK Premium Cookware 26cm Stock Pot with Glass Lid, £67.99

Ninja ZEROSTICK Premium Cookware 26cm Stock Pot with Glass Lid.
Zero stick, zero problems. | Image credit: VG247/Amazon

Haha, got you, bet you weren’t expecting this one. Mainly because it isn’t black and red.

Why am I thinking about spending close to £70 on one item of cookware, you ask? Well, because it’s better than spending £85 instead, which is what I’d be paying for this Ninja Stock Pot without the 20% Black Friday discount. Plus, I’ve always fancied myself as someone who could make their own soups, stews, and curries.

This cauldron looks pretty ideal to stick on my hob, have bubbling away for hours while the flavour of its contents gets stronger by the minute and not have to worry about things setting on too badly thanks to the strong non-stick coating. It can also do pasta sauces and be chucked in the dishwasher, so that’s cool.

Buy at Amazon.

Logitech G PRO X Wireless LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset, £109.00

Logitech G PRO X Wireless LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset
A professional gaming headset perfect for boring people like me. | Image credit: VG247/Logitech

Ok, a return to form.

This is a lot to pay for a headset, but given that I’d be getting it at half price, I think it still counts as a bargain. Especially given that Logitech’s G PRO X Wireless LIGHTSPEED Headset combines a sleek look that doesn’t feature ten thousand stupid flashing lights with a laundry list of top-notch features. It’s wireless and boasts batteries that can last over 20 hours. It has DTS surround sound and memory foam earpads. A must-have.

Buy direct via Logitech.

Robocop (1987), £4.92

RoboCop on DVD.
Robert Cop looking pretty intimidating, as per. | Image credit: VG247/Amazon

Robocop: Rogue City recently came out and I need to re-watch the original film.

And that’s the list. If you're on the lookout for deals on other consoles or peripherals, then be sure to check out our Black Friday 2023 page, where we'll keep you posted on all the best and latest gaming deals.

Buy via Amazon, or stream via Amazon Prime.

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