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Autolog for Shift 2 detailed, new loyalty program to be introduced


Slightly Mad's detailed to Joystiq how Autolog will work in Shift 2: Unleashed. Basically, it'll be the same as its introduction in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, but then some.

The studio said Autolog is now known as Need for Speed DNA, which will now be in every single NFS game from now on.

As for how the system works in Shift 2, it remains mostly the same from Hot Pursuit, but is now enhanced to give track times for unique events as well as gain and segregate data on quick race tracks, race types and automotive disciplines.

What's more, it'll also keep track of section times on a specific track.

EA's also announced it will introduce a new loyality program with Shift 2 and the Need for Speed series. Those who buy Shift 2 will get two extra cars rewarded for playing Hot Pursuit: Pagani Cinque Roadster and Lamborghini Reventon.

Players will get these cars via the same EA account they used for Hot Pursuit when they enter their online pass.

Watch the most recent video of Shift 2 here.

Game's out on March 25 in the UK for PS3, 360 and PC. It's out in the US on March 29.

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