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Atlus promotion lets you text with Catherine

If you dive into the murky world of promotional browser games, you may be "lucky" enough to receive a suggestive image from Catherine.

Atlus' latest bit of tomfoolery has you sending texts back and forth with the titular temptress of upcoming puzzle game, Catherine.

Visit the game's official US website, pass the age gate, and click the mobile phone in the bottom left corner to begin playing.

Apparently, you'll embark on a branching conversation, with the possible reward of a PG image at the end.

Siliconera's got instructions on how to get to the photo. I refuse to verify their accuracy.

If I ever reach such desperate straits that I begin sexting a fictional character outside the course of my employment, just nail the lid down, will you? Catherine is due on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in northern summer, although release outside the US has not been confirmed.

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