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Atlus "dissolved" by parent company


Persona publisher Atlus is no more. Sort of.

Atlus parent company Index Holdings has dissolved the company as an independent entity, according to an announcement on parent company Index Holdings' website.

Index Holdings is aiming to streamline its business focus to "profitable core areas," apparently.

The official press release seems to indicate that the Atlus brand will continue, but in what capacity is unclear.

Atlus has a number of projects in the works, and it's unlikely they'll be canned.

Katsura Hashino, director on Atlus's PS360 horror game Catherine, mentioned the change on the title's blog, saying the team "will endeavor to continue to work for a long time," and that, "of course, it's not just the Persona team, it's also other teams working on titles" that will continue their work.

Thanks, Gama.

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