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Asheron's Call gets 100th content update

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We had no idea it was still even running. According to this Turbine update, Asheron's Call has just had its content beefed up for the 100th time.

"This is a special time for all of here at Turbine, having reached this most incredible milestone," says the post.

"With this update we wanted to make sure we did something special for the players. For the longest time, the one thing we have been asked for was an Elder Game system. So with this update, we are giving players the beginnings of that system. We are also giving our PvP players something to fight over, with two new PvP controllable towns.

"The entire staff here at Turbine is proud to be able to release this update to our players as a small token of our appreciation for everyone who has heard the call over the years. So lets get in to all the new and exciting things coming this month in Asheron’s Call!"

Mental. The game was originally released in 1999. Buy it for $20 and get involved. Thanks, Eurogamer.

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