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Arkham Asylum: Hamill never expected to voice Joker again


Mark Hamill has said that after playing The Joker in the Batman animated series from 1992-2004, he never expected to play the insane villain again - until he was asked to do Arkham Asylum.

The choice of Kevin Conroy as Batman and Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quinn in the latest Batman title convinced him to sign on, said the Star Wars legend.

"I played Joker from 1992-2004 in all the animated versions, including the feature films," he told PCZone. "I stopped in 2004 and didn't expect to return to him, so when they asked me to come back I was curious. I thought this will be one last chance to play Joker, and it was so much fun to play a character who is clearly insane.

"Joker is endearing because he's so committed to what he considers his own genius. There's a real symbiotic relationship with Batman. I don't know if there are two fictional characters more perfectly suited to one another. Maybe Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty. He takes such glee in what he does. It's absurd on its face - you can't bring too much real-life logic to it, but within the comic book world, he towers above so many other run-of-the mill villains."

A sequel to Arkham Asylum was announced at Spike's 2009 VGA show back in December.

The rest of the interview is through the link, and it's a very interesting read.

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