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Archived Stream: Kat Takes a Tour of FIFA 15

It's FIFA day! Join Kat as she checks out the latest version of EA's soccer sim at 4pm PST.

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It's FIFA 15 launch day, and I would like nothing more to spend the day playing the latest version of EA's soccer sim. So I'll split the difference and play it on a stream at 4pm PST/7pm EST.

Join me as I discuss some of the finer points of the franchise mode, reveal my favorite club (you probably already know if you follow me on Twitter), and talk about how I feel about some of FIFA 15's chances. Oh, and I'll play as a few random teams as well, if you want. Who wants to see the Turkish league?

Watch on YouTube

You can also watch the stream on our Twitch channel.

As usual, we stream every Tuesday and Thursday around 4pm PST (sometimes earlier to accomodate our East Coast-based writers). You can find previous streams archived on our Youtube Channel. If you like our streams, please follow our Twitch channel so you'll always know when we're streaming.

On Thursday, Mike will be showing Forza Horizon 2. Please look forward to it!

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