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Aerosmith: "There are some battles you can't fight"

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Aerosmith's Steve Tyler has said the reason he got involved with Activision for the recently announced Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is that he realised there was no point being stuck in the past with anal attention to music as art: technology was the way forward.

"There are some battles you can't fight," he said. "You would like to keep it traditional and make it just deep, deep tracks from albums or B-sides. But technology is going so fast right now rather than be left behind, you are going with the flow.

"It's a different day and age. Twenty-five years ago we would never have let one of our songs (Dream On) be one of those used in selling cars (in a 2004 Buick commercial). But now, like with I Don't Want to Miss A Thing (in 1998's blockbuster film Armageddon), it's placement.

"When I heard about Activision and all this. I thought whatever I can do for this to make it as good as it can be — because my son plays it — I thought I should do it."

So basically, Steve, you sold out. Hope those extra millions help ease the pain of knowing you didn't "keep it real".

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