Destiny 2: Arc Week – all the subclass changes coming in the 2.2.1 update

By Lauren Aitken
8 April 2019 11:03 GMT

The first in-game event of Season of the Drifter is about to begin, so let’s take a look at what’s coming during Arc Week.

Bungie has detailed the changes being made to Arc Supers that will be coming with the weekly update, which you can see below. There will be new Arc bounties to complete and Mayhem is returning to the Crucible so you can show off your powerful new Supers in style.

The Exotic Machine Gun quest for Thunderlord will also be available from April 9 until April 23. You’ll be following the same quest that was available during the Festival of the Lost. After Arc Week, Thunderlord will only be available through Exotic Engrams.

Though several Supers will be getting significant buffs this week, Spectral Blades is still being tweaked and might not receive any changes during Arc Week.

There will be four new Exotic weapons added to Nightfall, Strike and Crucible drops in the 2.2.1 update, too:

  • Prospector – Nightfall and Strikes
  • Rat King – Nightfall and Strikes
  • Hard Light – Nightfall and Strikes
  • SUROS Regime – Crucible

Gambit Prime invasion kills have also been nerfed, so they’ll only heal 8% of a Primeval’s health instead of 12%, and all four weekly role bounties will now grant Powerful helmets.

Arc Week runs from April 9 until the reset on April 16, when The Revelry will begin.

Destiny 2: Arc Week

Whether you’re playing as a Warlock, Titan or Hunter, your Arc Subclasses are about to get a massive overhaul. Here are the kinds of changes you can expect to see for each class, as well as some tweaks to non-Arc subclasses.


  • Stormcaller: Stormtrance
    • All Stormtrance damage scales up to 150% over five seconds. The visual and sound effects have been updated to reflect this change.
  • Stormcaller: Attunement of Conduction
    • Chain Lightning Melee: You can now chain up to five enemies together, and each enemy can be hit by lightning twice. Damage has decreased from 50 to 31 per chain to account for this.
    • Arc Web: You can now chain many more targets together and strike them back and forth. The chain range has also increased to 12 meters. Chaining electric damage from either Arc Web chains or the Chain Lightning Melee decreases grenade cooldown time.
  • Stormcaller: Attunement of Elements
    • Electrostatic Surge: Increased bonus regeneration of Rift by 600% per nearby friendly Guardian. The Rift will last for 20 seconds and you’ll get a UI notification when it’s active.
    • Arc Soul: The duration of Arc Soul will be extended by 50%.
  • Dawnblade: Everlasting Fire
    • Tuned the amount of Super gained from Everlasting Fire and initial return is increasing to 13%, decaying until 0.75% per kill.
  • Voidwalker
    • Charging a detonation costs 20% less.
    • Holding a charge costs 7% less.
    • A full charge takes 0.7 seconds.
    • Dark Blink costs 20% less.
    • Super duration increased to 22 seconds.


  • Arcstrider: Way of the Warrior
    • Combination Blow: Can be stacked three times.
    • Buff increases melee damage by 60% in PvE and 22.7% in PvP.
    • Kills heal Hunters for 40 health and trigger regeneration.
    • Deadly Reach: Buff duration increased from six to eight seconds, and it’s no longer consumed with a melee strike.
  • Arcstrider: Way of the Wind
    • Disorienting Blow: Disorientation distance increased by 50% and will last for two seconds in PvP modes.
    • Focused Breathing: Increased dodgy recharge bonus while sprinting by 100%.
    • Combat Meditation: Increased bonus grenade and melee regeneration while bloodied by 25%.
    • Lightning Reflexes: Increased damage resistance while dodging in PvP to 40% and 70% in PvE.


  • Striker: Code of the Juggernaut
    • Frontal Assault: All weapon damage increased for the duration of the buff by 25% against combatants and 20% against players.
    • Buff duration increased to 16 seconds and a timer will display on HUD.
    • Knockout: Melee bonus damage increased to 60%. Once 60% has been reached, you’ll get a shield pop and any damage done after 60% will refresh the timer.
    • No longer consumed after one melee attack and duration has been increased to five seconds.

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