Monster Hunter World Monster List: strengths, weaknesses, carves and rewards for all monsters in the game

By Alex Donaldson
19 December 2018 15:16 GMT

Unsurprisingly, Monster Hunter World has a whole lot of monsters in it. Here’s a complete list.

We’ve updated the guide to include all of the drops, carves and rewards that we know about from every large monster. We’ll continue to do so as we get deeper and deeper into the game.

Monster Hunter World has a sizable number of creatures in it, and while it’s not the largest ever number of hunts in the series there’s still quite a lot to hunt and explore – and each monster now has a more unique personality and set of behaviors than before thanks to Monster Hunter’s philosophy of each hunting zone being an open-ended, realistic ecosystem.

There’s a fairly even split between all-new monsters and returning favorites, and Capcom has even already begun to confirm some creatures that will show up as DLC – you’ll find them at the very bottom of this list.

Remember that this list contains spoilers and is presented alphabetically, not in the order they appear in-game! Continue scrolling at your own risk and discretion – here’s our complete list of every monster in Monster Hunter World:



An all-new monster for Monster Hunter World, Anjanath has a big old dinosaur looking going on and is a Brute Wyvern. It’s extremely large, and it first appears as the apex predator on the Ancient Forest area of the game – the very first area.

In elemental terms, Anjanath is weak to Water and Ice, and carries an affinity of its own for Fire. When it’s weakened it’ll begin limping, so keep an eye out for that. Generally speaking Anjanath aren’t to be trifled with, as once you’ve gained aggro for them and they’ve decided to treat you as a threat they’ll chase you right across the map if they have to, and don’t give in easily.

Anjanath drops, carves and rewards

  • Anjanath Pelt
  • Anjanath Scale
  • Anjanath Nosebone
  • Anjanath Tail
  • Anjanath Fang (dropped via a Beak/Head break)
  • Anjanath Plate (break head / carve tail)
  • Monster Bone L
  • Flame Sac
  • Anjanath Pelt+ (high rank)
  • Anjanath Scale+ (high rank)
  • Anjanath Nosebone+ (high rank)
  • Monster Keenbone (high rank)
  • Inferno Sac (high rank)
  • Anjanath Gem (high rank)

Azure Rathalos

A blue-colored version of the iconic Wyvern Rathalos, the Azure Rathalos still attacks with the fire element and makes strong use of its ability to fly to get above you and barrage hunters with an aerial onslaught. You’ll need to time your counter-attacks carefully because of this. Azure Rathalos is similar in general to its red-colored counterpart, but you’ll quickly notice that it has a more aggressive attitude and approach once disturbed.

Take your time, approach with care and abuse those Dragon and Ice elements to eventually wear it down and take it down for some sweet high rank drops.

Azure Rathalos drops, carves and rewards

  • Rathalos Plate
  • Rathalos Ruby
  • Azure Rathalos Scale+
  • Azure Rathalos Carapace
  • Azure Rathalos Wing
  • Azure Rathalos Tail
  • Rathalos Medulla
  • Rathalos Ruby
  • Monster Hardbone
  • Inferno Sac



The Barroth will be familiar to long-time Monster Hunter players – this Brute Wyvern has been around for a while, first showing up in 2009’s Monster Hunter 3. In Monster Hunter World they first appear in the Wildspire Wastes, and you’ll encounter tham through natural story progression.

The Barroth has bone-like structures around its body that essentially make for armor plating – meaning it can be harder to damage. Its weakest points are where it’s less armored such as its stubby little arms and underbelly. It can be weak to Water, Fire and Ice, though which is most effective will depend on the Barroth’s current state – Barroth like to roll around in mud, and their weakness changes depending on how dirty they are.

Barroth drops, carves and rewards

  • Barroth Ridge
  • Barroth Shell (break legs)
  • Barroth Claw (break forelegs)
  • Barroth Tail (carve severed tail)
  • Barroth Scalp (break head)
  • Monster Bone M
  • Fertile Mud
  • Barroth Ridge + (high rank)
  • Barroth Carapace (high rank)
  • Barroth Claw+ (high rank)
  • Monster Keenbone (high rank)
  • Wyvern Gem (high rank)

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Another new addition for Monster Hunter World, the Bazelgeuse is a Flying Wyvern – which means, yes, you’ll find this enemy airborne on maps such as the Wildspire Wastes. It’s a big old enemy and despite its ability to fly it still boasts a rocky, armor plated exterior that means it can take quite a beating. It’s a fire-elemental monster, and it can inflict status ailments like Fireblight on unsuspecting hunters.

Primarily you need to beware of the scales that Bazelgeuse scatters – they explode with huge force and leave the hunter open to heavy attacks. Its head is its weakest point, but it isn’t always easy to hit.

Bazelgeuse drops, carves and rewards

  • Bazelgeuse Scale+
  • Bazelgeuse Talon
  • Bazelgeuse Carapace (break back)
  • Bazelgeuse Fuse (break head)
  • Bazelgeuse Wing (break wings)
  • Bazelgeuse Tail (cut tail)
  • Monster Hardbone
  • Bazelgeuse Gem


Diablos is a returning Monster Hunter classic, and actually appeared for the first time in the very first Monster Hunter back in 2004. It’s another Flying Wyvern type monster, and looks like a pretty typical dragon in many ways – wings with short clawed hands at the end of them, devilish horns and a hammer-like tail that can be used to smash foes.

Diablos are very aggressive if encountered in the wild – they will protect what they perceive to be their territory fiercely. They have an elemental weakness to ice.

Diablos drops, carves and rewards

  • Diablos Ridge
  • Diablos Shell
  • Diablos Fang
  • Diablos Marrow
  • Monster Bone +
  • Dash Extract
  • Twisted Horn



Dodogama is an all-new creature for Monster Hunter World and is a Fanged Vyvern with the ability to inflict the Blastblight status effect. This enormous beast is like a gigantic, oversized crocodile with but with the heavy, snapping jaw of a nastier species of turtle. It can straight up eat rocks thanks to its enormous gullet, and it’ll spit those back out at enemies.

When covered with its saliva those rocks become like grenades when spat out, exploding on impact – and when combined with the explosive Blastblight status ailment that can make him a challenging hunt indeed. It can be found in the Elder’s Recess zone.


Great Girros

A newcomer for Monster Hunter World, the Great Girros is a new Fanged Wyvern – and it really earns the classification with absolutely enormous fangs that are snake-like, hanging over in a huge overbite. Its head resembles that of a cobra or another type of deadly serpent, but its walks on four legs in a decidedly non-serpentine manner.

The fangs of a Great Girros are filled with venom, and if you get bitten you’re going to find yourself with a nastyc ase of the Paralysis status ailment. Thankfully, this create is weak to Water, Fire and Ice elements – so come packing one of those when you go hunting for it in the Rotten Vale.

Great Girros drops, carves and rewards

  • Great Girros Fang
  • Great Girros Hide
  • Great Girros Scale
  • Great Girros Hood
  • Great Girros Tail
  • Great Girros Hide +
  • Great Girros Hood +
  • Great Girros Scale +


Great Jagras

New to Monster Hunter World and one of the first Monsters shown off for the game, the Great Jagras is a Fanged Wyvern type enemy that skitters around environments like the Ancient Forest on four legs. It’s a little Iguana-like, and has an enormous underbelly that comes in handy when it swallows some of its prey whole.

The Great Jagras is actually fairly calm-natured, but it will go on the attack if it feels under threat or if you invade its nest where smaller, regular Jagras also hang out. It’s weak to Fire and Thunder elements, and is generally speaking a fairly reasonable mark – as one would expect for one of the first hunts in the game.

Great Jagras drops, carves and rewards

  • Great Jagras Hide
  • Great Jagras Scale
  • Great Jagras Mane
  • Great Jagras Claw
  • Iron Ore
  • Monster Bone S
  • Monster Bone+



Yet another new creature for Monster Hunter World, Jyuratodus is a fish-like Piscine Wyvern – but it’s absolutely enormous and very, very threatening. It first shows up in the Wildspire Waste and can be found burying itself in the muddier, waterlogged areas of the map.

Mud is vital to the Jyuratodus, in fact, since this monster will use it as camouflage and also as an offensive tool if it’s turned aggressive. It shares its taste in muddy homes with the Barroth, and if the two come head-to-head they’ll duke it out. It’s also weak to Thunder and Fire element, but of course has a natural affinity for water.

Jyuratodus drops, carves and rewards

  • Jyuratodus Shell
  • Jyuratodus Scale
  • Jyuratodus Fang
  • Jyuratodus Fin
  • Jyuratodus Carapace
  • Monster Bone M
  • Aqua Sac
  • Torrent Sac
  • Wyvern Gem



Not all Elder Dragons strictly look like Dragons – Kirin resembles a unicorn imbued with the power of thunder (and is sort of reminiscent of Final Fantasy’s Ixion) and first showed up in the original Monster Hunter. It’s back in Monster Hunter World, and it looks like it’ll be a challenging and rare hunt in this game.

Typically Kirin has thunder-based elemental attacks and blistering speed that can seriously undermine hunters’ ability to hit it. It’s usually weak to fire and water, but watch out – it’s usually able to paralyze hunters too.

Kirin drops, carves and rewards

  • Kirin Hide
  • Kirin Thunderhorn
  • Kirin Mane
  • Kirin Tail
  • Lightcrystal



The Kula-Ya-Ku is a Bird Wyvern that’s all-new for Monster Hunter World – though it’s the flightless, scaly sort of bird that might conjur up thoughts of a Dodo or that sort of long lost middle stage of evolution between dinosaurs and birds. It’s not a naturally aggressive Monster – in fact, it’s quite skittish.

It can be found in environments like the Ancient Forest, and will typically mostly engage in combat in an attempt to defend itself. It’ll dig up rocks from the ground and use it to block attacks – hunters can get rid of that by using the slinger to shoot at it. It can also use boulders or even its own eggs offensively in a pinch, so watch out.

Kula-Ya-Ku drops, carves and rewards

  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak
  • Monster Bone S
  • Monster Bone+
  • Bird Wyvern Gem

Kushala Daora

Another Elder Dragon, Kushala Daora have been hanging around Monster Hunters since the second game in the series despite that clearly being rather bad for their health. Given its lineage this more traditional-looking four-legged dragon has a Dragon and Ice elemental affinity, but is also equally weak to Dragon and Thunder elements.

Expect Kushala Daora in Monster Hunter World to pack a slew of status effects to debuff hunters that approach it, and expect it to use its wings to create gusts of wind to knock hunters back.

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Lavasioth is a piscine type monster, but… this is no ordinary fish. No. As the name and the classification as a Lava Wyvern suggests, this thing swims, but it likes to swim in lava. It resembles a fish, but with a rocky body that’s able to withstand the temperatures of lava with ease. It can inflict fire-based status ailments and of course loves the fire element in general.

As you’d expect, Lavasioth is weak to the water element and happily often lives in areas that in Monster Hunter World are quite heavily trafficked by other monsters. Expect to see it fight with otehers fairly often.



A new Flying Wyvern type creature for Monster Hunter World, Legiana has some rather pretty wings that somewhat resemble leaves but also pairs those with incredibly dangerous legs that have incredible sharp talons at their ends. Legiana actually does fly more than most monsters, and it’s the apex predator in the Coral Highlands area of the game.

Legiana is an aggressive beast and will even attack Paolumu and Raphinos if it gets the chance. It has an Ice elemental affinity, and will even try to inflict Iceblight on hunters unfortunate enough to cross it.

Legiana drops, carves and rewards

  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak
  • Monster Bone S



Nergigante is all-new for Monster Hunter World, but this Elder Dragon feels – appropriately – like he’s been around forever. Absolutely enormous, Nerigigante isn’t short of appendages: six limbs, four legs, two wings and rows of spikes all over said extremities that help to rip enemies to shreds. It’s a scary beast.

As you’d expect, Nerigigante are incredibly aggressive monsters that’ll fight to the death if it has to, far less likely to turn tail and run when weak as many other beasts do. It can be found in areas like the Wildspire Waste, Great Ravine and Everstream.

Nergigante drops, carves and rewards

  • Immortal Dragonscale
  • Nergigante Talon
  • Nergigante Regrowth Plate
  • Nergigante Carapace
  • Nergigante Tail
  • Nergigante Horn +



Not all dogs are cute, it seems, as the Odogaron is really Monster Hunter World’s ultimate proof of that. It most resembles a truly feral canine, and has double-stacked claws on its enormous paws and an absolutely enormous mouth. It can inflict the bleeding status ailment on hunters with its sharp claws, so be careful.

The Odogaron is found in areas of Monster Hunter WOrld like the Coral Highlands and Rotten Vale, and it’s most dangerous because despite its size and power it’s actually quite agile and wry, able to dash around more quickly than its size might initially lead you to believe.

Odogaron drops, carves and rewards

  • Odogaron Sinew
  • Odogaron Scale
  • Odogaron Claw
  • Odogaron Tail
  • Monster Bone +
  • Nourishing Extract



This new addition for Monster Hunter World looks a little like a bat crossed with a sheep – which actually isn’t too dissimilar from a particular species of bat in the real world. The Paolumu is far deadlier, however. It’s first found in the Coral Highlands area.

The Paolumu might look fluffy, but it has some very sharp teeth as you can see above and is far larger than you might think. It’ll lose out to other monsters in one-on-one fights, but it shouldn’t be underestimated thanks to how it can float and attack from range.

Paolumu drops, carves and rewards

  • Paolumu Scale
  • Paolumu Shell
  • Paolumu Pelt
  • Paolumu Webbing

monster_hunter-world (4)


Despite looks that will no-doubt remind of reptiles, Pukei-Pukei is actually a Bird Wyvern (check the feathers and wings) with a real penchant for poison – so prepare for the appropriate status effects. You’ll first find this new beast in Monster Hunter World’s Ancient Forest.

Pukei-Pukei’s weak point is its underbelly, but to get close enough to hit it you’ll need to dodge that tongue and poison attacks. The Pukei-Pukei’s poison is based on what it eats – so the effect the posion will have on a hunter varies. Thunder is the element that’ll take this one down quickest, but you’re best to prepare before engaging – it generally isn’t all that aggressive unless it senses weakness – with hunters or with other monsters.

Pukei-Pukei drops, carves and rewards

  • Pukei-Pukei Shell
  • Pukei-Pukei Scale
  • Pukei-Pukei Quill
  • Pukei-Pukei Sac
  • Pukei-Pukei Carapace
  • Pukei-Pukei Wing
  • Monster Bone M
  • Poison Sac
  • Bird Wyvern Gem



Another of Monster Hunter World’s newly-added creatures, Radobaan is a whole mess of bones that are held to its body by a thuck, tarry substance. The bones aren’t its own, but rather are the bones of other monsters that it picks up and deliberately retains through the tarry substance on its skin. This gives it ample protection and also sharp edges for when it attacks.

Radobaan can first be found in the Rotten Vale and despite their outwardly spiky appearance are actually fairly docile until provoked – think of them like hedgehogs. Spiky! They can afflict a sleep status ailment and are weak to Dragon and Ice elemental.

Radobaan drops, carves and rewards

  • Radobaan Shell
  • Radobaan Scale
  • Radobaan Oilshell
  • Radobaan Marrow
  • Monster Bone L
  • Sleep Sac
  • Radobaan Carapace (when you’re at a high rank)
  • Radobaan Scale (when you’re at a high rank)
  • Radobaan Medulla (when you’re at a high rank)
  • Monster Keenbone (when you’re at a high rank)
  • Coma Sac (when you’re at a high rank)
  • Wyvern Bonemass



It really wouldn’t be a Monster Hunter game without Rathalos, and the Fire Wyvern dragon beast returns in Monster Hunter World. This very archetypal dragon has a thick armored hide, but despite the heavy armor the Rathalos is also a very confident flier – so watch out for one swooping in from nowhere to attack with its clubbed tail, sharp teeth or breathed fire.

As you’d expect Rathalos is keen on the fire element, but that also means it can be weak to Ice, Water an Dragon elements. It can inflict nasty status effects like Poison, Stun and of course Fireblight. Keep an eye out for it in the Ancient Forest first of all…

Rathalos drops, carves and rewards

  • Rathalos Plate
  • Rathalos Scale
  • Rathalos Marrow
  • Rathalos Tail
  • Rathalos Webbing
  • Rathalos Shell

Rathian and Pink Rathian

Rathian is another Flying Wyvern type beast in Monster Hunter World, and it’s actually the female version of Rathalos. She’s looks fairly similar to Rathalos, though she lacks the red coloring, instead featuring a more serpent-like green. Rathian also has a long spoke on her chin that can be used to spear prey and a little fur on the tips of her wings.

Like Rathalos, Rathian is all about the fire element and can even breathe fire. There’s also poison elemental attacks, though it’s offset by a weakness to Dragon and Thunder elements. While Rathalos will fly around, Rathian tends to stay grounded but will be extremely territorial about territory it perceives as its own.

The Pink Rathian is a variant on the above description, though the Pink Rathian is more heavily armored, faster and far stronger than the regular green version. It shares the same abilities and weaknesses for the most part, however.



Another Elder Dragon, Teostra first appeared in Monster Hunter 2 and is a full-blown dragon – though the shape of his body combines with the tuft of hair at the end of his tail and the mane of hair about his face to mean he does also somewhat resemble a giant, scaled, winged lion. The attacks he has follow that, with nasty swipes with enormous claws combined with more traditional dragon abilities.

Teostra can breathe fire and has masterful control over the fire element. It’s aggressive and powerful and can stun hunters with ease. He’s weak to Dragon and Water elements, of course, so come packing those as a priority.

Teostra drops, carves and rewards

  • Teostra Mane
  • Teostra Gem
  • Teostra Horn +
  • Fire Dragon Scale +



You’ll first encounter Tobi-Kadachi in Monster Hunter World’s Ancient Forest, and this beast is all-new for this latest game. The creature is covered in blue-grey scales, and it’s a fast-moving Fanged Wyvern that can overwhelm you quickly if you’re not careful. Tobi-Kadachi somewhat resembles a real-world flying squirrel, and it can glide in a similar way.

Tobi-Kadachi is imbued with the Thunder element and has a major battle tactic where it builds static electricity in its fur and then discharges it on its prey and enemies. It’s weak to Water element, and making use of that can make a major difference to fights.

Tobi-Kadachi drops, carves and rewards

  • Tobi-Kadachi Pelt
  • Tobi-Kadachi Electrode
  • Tobi-Kadachi Membrane



Another newcomer for Monster Hunter World, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku is similar to Kula-Ya-Ku in that it’s a Bird Wyvern with some dinosaur-like appearances. This monster is blue, however, and is found in the Coral Highlands. It’s not so obsessed with its eggs, but rather has what appear to the bears but are actually frills that open up like a fan. These can emit flashes of light to disorient and stun its enemies.

Tzitzi-Ya-Ku has powerful hind legs that can deliver powerful kick attacks, and if you don’t get out of the way quickly you’ll often find yourself stunned. This monster is one of the weaker ones in its home areas, however – so that’s to your advantage.

Tzitzi-Ya-Ku drops, carves and rewards

  • Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Hide
  • Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Claw
  • Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Photophore
  • Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Scale



Part of me wants to make a joke about how at a glance the name Uragaan looks a bit like ‘ur gran’, but that’s probably because this page is long and I’m getting so close to the end I can taste it. This Brute Wyvern has been around since Monster Hunter 3, and is back again in Monster Hunter World with its crystal-lined, bony golden hide. It’s all rock and scales and this hardy exterior makes it a tough nut to crack.

The Uragaan is a bit like a giant, hugely destructive hedgehog because it can roll itself into a ball ane roll around to do damage or to escape. It lives in volcanic regions and as such likes the fire element and is weak to water, as you’d expect.


Vaal Hazak

Another of the Elder Dragons, Vaal Hazak is a new addition for Monster Hunter World. It’s an enormous, evil-looking dragon that can be found in the Rotten Vale area; it’s known as a ‘Corpse Coat Dragon’, which is rather threatening. It’s all getting a bit Dark Souls up in here.

Vaal Hazak has huge reach to attack with its deadly, sharp claws, and it can even bring the corpses of the dead back to life, reviving lesser monsters like Girros. With poison attacks to boot, this isn’t a monster to hunt on a whim.



Capping off the game’s final urgent story quest, Xeno’jiiva is a beautiful, luminescent elder dragon with a move pool to match its massive wingspan.

Xeno’jiiva is a formidable foe, capable of making quick work of hunters either with its sweeping claws or blue dragon breath attacks.

Xeno’jiiva drops, carves and rewards

  • Xeno’jiiva Soulscale
  • Xeno’jiiva Shell
  • Xeno’jiiva Horn
  • Xeno’jiiva Wing
  • Xeno’jiiva Claw
  • Xeno’jiiva Veil
  • Xeno’jiiva Gem


Zorah Magdaros

Zorah Magdaros is a new Elder Dragon introduced early on in Monster Hunter World as part of the game’s story, and given the absolutely gigantic size of it you’re going to need quite the plan to take this beast, known as the ‘Scorching Mountain Dragon’, down.

Zorah Magdaros drops, carves and rewards

  • Zorah Magdaros Heat Scale
  • Zorah Magdaros Ridge
  • Zorah Magdaros Pleura
  • Zorah Magdaros Magma
  • Zorah Magdaros Carapace
  • Zorah Magdaros Gem

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Deviljho (DLC Monster)

Deviljho was the first full DLC monster added as a free update during the spring. Deviljho is a wandering Brute Wyvern that starts to appear in high-rank areas once you’ve progressed far enough in Monster Hunter World’s story to unlock them.

Deviljho is tough and very aggressive, taking on pretty much anything that crosses it’s path. We’ve got a separate guide dedicated to finding and defeating Deviljho, so check that out if you fancy a scrap.

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