Everspace Encounters expansion brings new ship, weapons, environment and a big gameplay change

By Sherif Saed, Thursday, 5 October 2017 13:26 GMT

Everspace, the rogue-lite space shooter from Rockfish, is getting its first big expansion.

Called Encounters, the expansion brings several bits of new content to Everspace. To start with, Encounters adds a new medium fighter class ship called the Colonial Sentinel.

The Colonial Sentinel comes with a special shield that has twice as much capacity as the base model. New weapons and consumables are being added, too, and they look pretty good. Some of these, shown in the trailer below, include a space flamethrower, lightning gun, and a weird goo gun.

Everspace always looked stunning, and the new content adds even more visual treats. The expansion will also take players to the Okkar homeworld – one of the races in the game – and introduce new story characters, quests, and of course, enemies.

The biggest addition, though, is the new factory space stations. Rockfish didn’t reveal too many details about them, but it did confirm that you’ll encounter these mid-mission and they’ll be able to offer minor repairs, resource conversion, and the ability to upgrade your ship on-the-fly.

All in all, you should expect around ten hours of new content. Encounters releases sometime this October on PC, whereas the Xbox One version is due for release in February, 2018 alongside a big Xbox One X update. Encounters has not yet been priced.

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