Destiny 2 Exotics: 14 weapons you’ll want to get your hands on

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 25 May 2017 02:44 GMT

Destiny 2 brings back Exotics – rare and powerful boomsticks. Let’s take a look.

Destiny 2 has a stronger focus on story but Bungie hasn’t abandoned the aspect most of us ended up obsessing over: Exotic weapons.

Arekkz is back with an update to his previous video on all Destiny 2 exotic weapons so far, because some new ones have been found to round out the numbers.

The video starts with a look at the Destiny 2 Exotic the community is calling “Dubious Volley”, based on some allegedly leaked weapon perk details from last year. This rocket launcher delivers “a high energy volley of explosive ordnance”, and in gameplay footage it appears to deal arc damage and projectiles may track targets. According to the old leak, kills will return a round to the weapon, but that’s unconfirmed (and seems pretty amazingly overpowered).

The second potential new Destiny 2 exotic spotted in gameplay footage is an arc shotgun. We don’t have any details on it, but it has a unique visual feature where after firing the sides change shape and you can see arc energy playing across the body of the gun. Something .so unique looking is almost certainly an Exotic since Bungie would be avoiding showing raid weapons.

Similarly, the next one is a sniper rifle with some weird blueish wires or coils on it which seems to have some sort of special ability which highlights enemies. We only see this really briefly in Destiny 2 footage, so there’s little else to say here.

More certainly, there’s a new Exotic hand cannon which was shown on screen during the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal during the discussion of new Exotics. It was also in display in a props case at the event, and just look at it, with its charging rats engraving. The prop version had an enormous magazine and it seems to fire quickly, so this may be an automatic hand cannon.

Moving on to “the Gjallarhorn of grenade launchers” – an ornately carved example of this new Destiny 2 weapons category. It looks like it delivers a powerful single shot with a slow reload.

In another shot we can see a fusion rifle with a really interesting design. It’s shown alongside the so-called Dubious Volley, and as the video notes, Bungie usually shows Exotics in groups in trailers; there’s no reason to think Destiny 2 will break this habit.

There’s another weird one in another snippet of Destiny 2 footage, which we’re guessing is another kind of Exotic grenade launcher. It has a really unusual design and reload animation, and may even have some sort of void wind blast effect.

Then there’s the mystery weapon spotted in the props cabinet at the Destiny 2 reveal event. What is it? Is it even an Exotic? Who knows.

The rest of the video shows off the Sunshot, Riskrunner and Sweet Business Destiny 2 Exotics, which we’ve seen before and know much more about.

As well as all these, there may be other Exotics in Destiny 2 returning from the original game – No Land Beyond, Ace of Spades, and Razelighter – but we’ve only seen them in the hands of NPCs so they may not be available for Guardians to acquire.

Destiny 2 releases in September on PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version yet to be dated. Check out our Destiny 2 intel hub for more information.

What Exotics are you looking forward to in Destiny 2?

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