Destiny: Rise of Iron will let you spend real money on boosters and new emotes

By James O'Connor, Thursday, 15 September 2016 23:39 GMT

Destiny’s big new expansion, Rise of Iron, will let its more dedicated players spend money on more than just cosmetic changes.


Gamespot is reporting that Rise of Iron will let you use silver – which can only be purchased with real money – to buy experience boosters that will work with Crucible, House of Judgement, and Vanguard.

These boosters can also be earned through random drops in Sterling Treasure Boxes or Radiant Treasures, but if you want to spend a few dollars on them, the option is there.

These boosters look like they’ll be pretty cheap, and they’ll boost the reputation gains of you and your fireteam for two hours. New emotes will also be coming with Rise of Iron, including several new dance moves. These can also be purchased with silver.

More details about Rise of Iron are available in our page hub, where we’ve collected all the news ahead of the game’s release.

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases next week, September 20, for PS4 and Xbox One.

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