Interactive Pokémon Go map now allows you to hide Pokémon you don’t want to see

By Shabana Arif, Monday, 25 July 2016 11:24 GMT

Sick of being surrounded by Drowzees? You’ll never have to see them again.


Pokévision is for those of you who want to do away with enjoying the outdoors and occasionally stumbling across a wild Pokémon. You’ve left the house and you want to zero in on those little critters so you can get back inside and sit around in your underpants like any other respectable adult.

It uses the Niantic API to locate nearby pokémon and display them on a map in real-time, so you can leave the cat in charge of the baby for five minutes while you peg it down the road to capture a Meowth.

The newest feature to be introduced is the ability to deselect those pokémon you’re sick of the sight of, so you can focus your time on those you actually want, rather than have your eyeballs assaulted by the presence of a swarm of bulbous little Drowzees closing in on you.

You can use pokévision anywhere that Pokémon Go is serviced, so get hunting.

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