Overwatch image teases its latest hero

By Marshall Lemon, Wednesday, 6 July 2016 20:52 GMT

Overwatch’s latest hero appears to be a support character with healing abilities and a sniper rifle.

Overwatch image teases its latest hero

Overwatch may not have been out for two months, but Blizzard is already working on new heroes for players to obsess over. Rumors have already been flying on what to expect, but now the developer is stirring the pot with an in-universe weapons document.

The image – introduced on Blizzard’s Twitter page – presents a weapons supposedly created by Mercy and Tororbjorn. Their blueprint notes suggest it was originally intended as a biotic device, until Torbjorn’s modifications transformed it into a potentially deadly sniper rifle. A grappling hook and what appear to be grenade loadouts are also displayed, although the actual hero who will wield them remains unseen.

Overwatch already has sniper characters in the form of Hanzo and Widowmaker, but designing one that specializes in healing is certainly a new twist. Presumably they would keep their distance in actual combat, then rush in with the grappling hook to aid heroes when necessary. Various hints in the Dorado map have convinced some players this healing support character will be named Sombra, but you can rest assured Blizzard will have official confirmation soon.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One systems.

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