Battlefield Hardline guide: where to find all suspects with warrants

By Staff
17 March 2015 04:12 GMT

Don’t let the criminal scum walk the streets. Identify all open warrants and arrest them with this guide.

battlefield hardline

Battlefield Hardline guide: where to find all suspects with open warrants

There are two types of collectibles in Battlefield Hardline, which open up new weapon and gear unlocks, as well as four new trophies/achievements. The first type of collectible is Evidence to complete Case Files, which we’ve already covered here. The second is Open Warrants, which are considerably harder to complete successfully.

The Open Warrants trophies/achievements are:

  • Bring ’em to Justice: Capture all Suspects with Warrants alive
  • By the Book: Use a non-lethal takedown on 10 criminals
  • You Tazed Him, Bro!: Zap 5 Criminals with the T62 CEW
  • Watched, Dawg: Identify 10 Suspects with Warrants using the Scanner

General tips for Open Warrants

Open Warrants are characters you need to arrest or take down alive. If you kill them you will fail. You will need to identify all of these suspects with the scanner, after which a pair of handcuffs will appear above their head, making them easier to identify.

You can either use the T62 CEW taser to subdue a suspect or arrest them by flashing your badge (L1) and click on the right stick once you get close enough. Using the taser awards you 500 points, but an arrest hands out 1000 points.

Where there are lots of enemies in close proximity, use shell casings to distract so you can divide them and take down the suspect you need.

Some suspects also carry evidence so make sure you search them if given the option.

With those golden rules in mind, lets look at where to find and how to arrest the suspects in each episode.



Shea Dorsett

You can’t fail to take Dorsett down as he’s part of the main story. Once his car has crashed you can bust him.

Episode 1: Back to School


Lawrence Kent

Kent is in one of the vehicles that arrives after the conversation between Tyson and Tap. Scan him and wait for him to move away from the main group to take him down.

Episode 2: Checking Out


Javier Rosado

Once you’ve dealt with the first two guys in the lobby, you’ll find Rosdao through the exit and on the right. Take Rosado down first before dealing with his boys.

Gary Volker

Once the Escape the Lobby objective starts, you can ID Volker from above and drop down to him as he passes. If you’re quick you can nick him without using the taser.

Episode 3: Gator Bait


Luis Minguez

When the objective to Investigate the Boathouse pops up, Minquez is hanging out in front of you with two buddies. You can arrest all three of these guys easily.

Thomas Bell

At the gator farm you can tag a whole bunch of suspects from the watch tower, one of which is Bell. Wait for him to separate from the group before busting his ass.

Nathan Brown

At the sawmill you can scan the majority of the thugs from the watch tower near the dock. Brown is amongst this group, and there’s plenty of cover for you to sneak up on the punk and arrest him.

Episode 4: Case Closed


Philip Evans

At the Domo Roboto warehouse Evans is guarding the alarm here, so you can take him down and knock the alarm off.

Leonard Miller

From the parking garage you can tag Miller as he patrols the mall with a bunch of other jerks. Always take down the open warrant first before dealing with the rest.

Frankie Diaz

Diaz is on the first floor of the mall, but you should take out the guards on the balconies above before coming back for him.

Xavier Gonzalez

You’ll find Gonzalez on the left side of the food court. Tag him and taser him.

Episode 5: Gauntlet


There are no suspects in this episode. You’ll understand why when you play it.

Episode 6: Out of Business


Edgar Kwok

As you enter the salvage warehouse using the stairs on the right, you’ll find Kwok with a bunch of goons. Use shell casings to split them apart before nicking Kwok.

James Mun

Mun is behind the warehouse in the salvage yard. Tag him from a distance then wait for him to wander away from any other criminals before arresting him.

Ji-hun Oh

Oh is next to the alarm box in the chop shop. You can take the guards down outside then open the doors, and he’ll come out to investigate walking right into your taser/handcuffs.

Episode 7: Glass Houses


Cameron Briller

Wait for the meeting to finish, then go downstairs where you’ll find Briller in the living room with another associate. You can arrest them both easily enough.

Marvin Thomas

Thomas is on the tennis courts outside with another guy. You can bust them both together.

Episode 8: Sovereign Land


Jim Preston

Before you enter the compound you’re going to want to scan everyone from a distance. You’ll find Preston around the inner circle but you can lure him out with shell casings but it’s probably the trickiest takedown in the game as there’s so many heavily-armed thugs here. Better to use the taser than kill him.

Episode 9: Independence Day


Derek Kelly

Kelly is inside the lobby of the building so you’ll need to distract him with a shell. It’s not easy as there’s so many guards around but rewarding for the patient.

John Starnes

You can spot Starnes from the 20th floor – he’s on the floor below. Patiently work your way around the booths and such and be as quick as possible in taking him down.

Episode 10: Legacy


Howard White

At the first main group of enemies near the roadblock. You can arrest all of the enemies here as there’s plenty of space. Just make sure you use the watch tower to tag everyone before making your moves.

Lyle Feldman

Feldman is in the middle of the huts so you’ll need to lure him out with a shell casing. It’s easier if you work around the outside of the buildings and patiently take down all the other thugs too.

Craig Foster

Foster is at the utility area standing next to the two biggest explosive barrels you’ve ever seen. You can sneak around the car and arrest him easily.

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