This is what Destiny players most want next

By Brenna Hillier
26 February 2015 05:11 GMT

Destiny patch 1.1.1 has resolved or at least addressed a number of complaints voiced by the community, but there are plenty more.


Destiny community manage David “Deej” Dague has put out a call for Guardians to share their concerns – or rather, what they think the community is most concerned about.

“Set aside your own personal wishes for Destiny, and list the topics you see discussed here most often,” he wrote on

“Not bugs, mind you. We know Crota drops the sword. At this moment, I’m more curious about the new features people tend to ask for.

“List the Top Three Wishes that are shared by most of the Community.”

The replies vary in quality, as some readers clearly haven’t understood the whole “what are most people asking for” as opposed to “what’s driving me bugshit today”, but here’s a list of the most common requests:

01: Improvements to the vault

By far the most common request is for more vault space. Some users have also asked to be able to access their vault space while in orbit. More modestly, some players have asked for Vault space not to be divided into categories, because they can’t fit in any more weapons but have no desire for extra shaders or emblems.

02: Custom games and more variety in the Crucible

PvP players very definitely want two major improvements to the Crucible: more modes, and the ability to make custom games. Some other users have also asked for a ranked mode and better Crucible bounties, as well as a fix for lag.

03: Weapon transmog and reforging
There are easily as many people calling for the chance to customise their weapons as there are for a better PvP experience. Many players just want transmog – swapping the stats of one weapon with the appearance of the other – which is reasonably unlikely to happen given Bungie probably wants players to be able to quickly recognise the weapons they’re facing in Crucible. However, others want to reroll their random weapon perks, as you can in the Iron banner but not otherwise.

04: Vault of Glass reward upgrades
The weapons and armour you find in the Vault of Glass are great, but after the release of The dark below they’re no longer top-tier. Players have been asking for a way to upgrade these items, the same way you can upgrade old Exotics.

05: More variety in Bounties
Bounties are what you do to level up your gear quickly; to increases your faction levels; and also the default activity when you’ve done everything else. Players are bored of doing the same ones over and over again, and have asked for more variety, more class-specific bounties, and better rewards.

06: Change the RNG loot system
Guardians are still really angry about how they receive random rewards. Sometimes you get absolutely nothing worth talking about after completing a very difficult Daily or even Nightfall, and other times you’ll see a Crucible opponent earn an Exotic for showing up seconds before the match ends. Moreover, it’s exceptionally frustrating to put in days or even weeks of effort trying to earn specific rewards and still have no luck – especially in Crucible, and especially when everyone else has a half dozen of whatever it is you’re after.

07: Materials, currency and marks exchange
Destiny players really want to be able to trade the things they’ve got a lot of for the things they don’t have. Notably, they want to swap Ascendent Energy for Ascendent Shards, as you can do with Radiant materials; they want to swap harvested materials like Spinmetal for Vanguard and Crucible marks; and they want to be able to use Glimmer for anything. In a related complaint, players want to be able to carry more of each currency and material.

08: More events like Queen’s Wrath
Queen’s Wrath is the only PvE event players have enjoyed since Destiny launched, although we’ve seen iron banenr multiple times. Given the original pitch of destiny as something with new content on the regular, many players were hoping for regular PvE activities, and put out a request for just that. Even more just said to bring back Queen’s Wrath, even in its heavily-criticised original form rather than the new one Bungie is taking forever to bake up.

Those were the most common complaints I tallied up by looking through a few hundred replies to the thread. Is it about what you expected?

I was surprised that inter-player trading, warp directly to tower, and optional matchmaking weren’t cited more often, given how vocal people have been about those issues.

I think it’s pretty clear that players most want more stuff to do, more variety, better rewards, more space to keep those rewards and for rewards to remain relevant, though.

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