Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough Part 5: The Lost Bastille

By Staff, Monday, 10 March 2014 12:06 GMT

Work your way through the Lost Bastille and fight an epic boss battle with the three Ruin Sentinels.


Climb the stairs and go into the cell on the right and you’ll find two Common Fruits. Keep going up the stairs where there is a bonfire and an open cell on the left. Go up the stairs and down the path ignoring the white knight on the ground. You can see an opening on the wall to the left. Drop below the opening to fight an enemy and his two dogs.

An easier technique here is to climb the ladder to the alcove and fight the dogs first becuase the other enemy takes his time approaching you. When he attacks avoid his lance by attacking from behind where possible. He sweeps wide and has a long reach so don’t expect an easy fight.

Pick up the Twilight Herb he drops and smash the wooden structure in the corner for an Alluring Skull. Smash the other wooden structure and go through the previously hidden opening for a coffer at the end containing a Large Titanite Shard and Estus Flask Shard.

Now head back down the corridor and fight the last dog. Hit the lever and fight two more dogs just after the gate. Light the bonfire and go through the doorframe where you’ll find some chests. Inside you’ll find a good haul of loot; Titanite Shards (x5), Large Titanite Shards (x2), Iron Arrows (x10), and Heavy Bolts (x10). If you come back to this location later (after a few kills) you can talk to the man and open the chest he’s been sitting on for a Craftsman’s Hammer and Twinkling Titanite.

Carry on by leaving the room and going up the stairs to the right. There’s another enemy with a lance but firstly dodge to the left to avoid the barrell he hefts down the stairs. Head down the hall to kill the dog and down the path to the right until you find Gold Pine Resin. There’s another dog to fight and the lance enemy at the end before climbing stairs into the room ahead.

Talk to Lucatiel and he’ll give you a Human Effigy then go back the way you came. Just before the stairs use the broken wall to the left to get onto the balcony – head down the passage to the right and you’ll see a doorway. Brace yourself.

As soon as you enter the room five enemies will rush you from the left and there are two enemies patrolling the stairs. Don’t stand around in that room when the enemies see you, retreat back to the balcony and use the space to your advantage. If you step in and out quickly only the first three will follow you out. It doesn’t even the odds but it makes it less of an ambush.

Now enter the room and go down the stairs in the center, through the hallway at the bottom to the left and you’ll see an enemy climbing a ladder. There’s a Soul of a Proud Knight and another Human Effigy here.

Climb up the ladder or go back up the stairs but do not, under any circumstances, open the door in the room with the stairs – you will fall to your doom.

If you took the stairs hit the lever to open a gate in the room where the guards were. Kill the next two guards then move down the hall. The righthand cell is where the ladder from the other floor leads to. In the open cell on the right there are two Radiant Lifegems. Go through the mist for a boss fight against the three Ruin Sentinels.

Boss Battle: Ruin Sentinel Alessia, Ruin Sentinel Ricce, and Ruin Sentinel Yahim
Reward: Ruin Sentinel Soul

You will fall onto an elevated platform where the first Sentinel (Yahim) attacks. If you’re carrying a shield use it to block his first attack – alternatively dodge as soon as you land on the platform.

If you can stay on the platform to battle Yahim you’ll find this a lot easier. Fall to the floor and all three will attack at once, so it’s best to take Yahim on his own if possible. Up here he uses one of two different attacks. His linear attack is long and you’ll see it coming, which is followed by a circular attack. He also uses two circular attacks.

A good shield is your best friend here for blocking. The first attack can be dodged quite easily but use the shield to block the circular attacks unless you can get behind him. Even behind him he has a big arching attack so be ready to back up if need be. Yahim falls to the floor a few times during the battle but do not be tempted to follow him down. He will jump back up relative to where he falls off so be prepared but also watch that attack as he jumps back up. You have the advantage of height while he’s down below so keep your eyes on him.

With Yahim defeated use a ranged weapon by standing on the short end of the platform and begin attacking Alessia. When Alessia gets too close you can avoid its attacks by backing off to the pillar – if you’re behind the pillar you’re clear from the attack. Alessia will use the same attack pattern as the first Sentinel while you’re on the platform but it will also use a shield to block, so only attack when it’s down.

A good trick here is to attack as soon as Alessia misses the jumping attack – you’ll be able to get one or two hits in depending on what weapon you have equipped. Circle Alessia to avoid attacks, evade where necessary, get a few more hits in and move to the corner of the platform. Because now Ricce jumps up to join the fray.

At this point you can stay on the platform or drop to the area below. If you stay on the platform you limit their attacks due to the space, but they will use their shields to block.

If you drop to the floor you will take some damage and both Sentinels will have more space – as do you. Keep back from them and they will throw their shields. If the shields hit you you’re in serious trouble, but if you dodge the shields they’re now open to attack. You can judge the shield throw easily because the preceding animation takes a while.

Both Sentinels will attack by leaping into the air to land on you, slashing vertically. You can dodge this with quick timing and block with a good shield. But it’s better to evade so you can counter without losing stamina lost from blocking.

If you see the Sentinels spinning around, back off and prepare to guard against what comes next. They unleash an attack that hits multiple times. If you’ve got a good shield and plenty of stamina you can block all of this.

You need to stay close enough to the Sentinels and keep your eye on both of them at the same time. Counter attack after every block or dodge – you’ll only get one or two blows in, but be patient. Try and focus on one enemy at a time here so you reduce the time they gang up on you. Once another one is down it becomes a lot easier.

Once they’re dead go through the small doorway, up the stairs and you’re back in the room you were in earlier. Head around to the right and through the doorway on the right to pick up a Soul of a Nameless Soldier. Walk slowly down the corridor. As soon as you hear something jump back to avoid an explosion.

In the next room is a bonfire. Light it and head back to Majula to level up with your new souls. While in Majula go to the well near the large house and attack it. A stone will fall and you can pick up an Estus Flask Shard.

Head back to The Lost Bastille bonfire and down the ladder. Kill the dog, pick up the Large Club and open the coffer for a Priest’s Chime. Go back up the ladder and head towards the stairs at the far end. Go through that doorway at the top and open the door at the end.

As you move through the doorway an enemy with a lance will attack. Move down to the far left side and roll on the crates on the right but be careful not to roll off the edge. There’s a Human Effigy here. Grab it and go through the doorway on the other side of the walkway.

Kill the next enemy then go down the walkway and through an opening in the wall that’s on the right. Drop to the rooftop below and head right to find Flame Butterflies. Double back into the room you left and go up the stairs through a doorway. Caution! There are explosive barrels here. On the far side of the room is an enemy. These guys dive at you if you get too close so try and use a ranged weapon if you have one. When they dive and hit the floor they sometimes explode dishing out loads of damage. Dodge these enemies wherever possible.

Run up the stairs (don’t worry about the door here) and pull the lever which opens the gate ahead. As three enemies begin to attack, run back to the other room and use ranged weapons to take down two of them. The third waits in the corridor so you can take him out and head to the next room. Smash the pottery and you’ll have to fight another two enemies.

Walk up the stairs and use a ranged weapon to hit the explosive barrel and kill the enemy standing nearby. Up the stairs you’ll fight two more enemies. Open the door for the Skeptic’s Spice. Climb into the cage to the right and head down to the floor below. There’s a coffer with a Wilted Dusk Herb.

Now go back to the cage, leave the room through the gate or the head up the next flight of stairs. Above you are six enemies and a bonfire (you can’t reach the bonfire at this point). Finish off the enemies if you’re feeling brave and pull the lever to open the gate. Head around the path to the right and take down the last guard in the corner. Take the eight Lifegems and look out for the archers above that fire arrows – just run straight into the mist. You are now at Sinner’s Rise.

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