Hearthstone: 100-200 card expansion & adventure mode discussed by Blizzard

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 30 January 2014 09:13 GMT

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is still in beta, but Blizzard is eager to discuss the card -battler’s first expansion and single player adventure mode.

It follows Blizzard confronting this Hearthstone copycat.

In an interview cribbed Hearthpwn, Hearthstone’s executive producer Hamilton Chu confirmed that new game boards were in development now, as well as new card packs, achievements, and more rewards for those on the ranked ladder.

Hearthstone’s single-player ‘Adventure Mode’ is also on the way, and will include quests, new stages and between 10-20 new cards. It’s due after Hearthstone fully launches on PC and iPad.

As for the game’s unannounced first expansion, Chu revealed that it will add between 100 -200 new cards, and may consider a 2v2 mode once 1v1 is properly balanced.

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Via Eurogamer. Looking for Hearthstone strategies? We’ve got you covered.

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