That Dragon, Cancer dev defends Ouya

By Phil Owen, Saturday, 21 September 2013 19:00 GMT

Folks have been jumping off the Ouya bandwagon lately due to controversy over the Free the Games fund among other things, but one developer who isn’t abandoning the fledgling platform holder is Ryan Green, the man behind That Dragon, Cancer.

Green wrote a blog post on his game’s official site discussing recent events, and while acknowledging that Ouya funding his game (not through Free the Games) gives him a conflict of interest he said he feels folks are being too harsh on Ouya and their PR failings. “And frankly, there’s really no way around it, OUYA PR has been a field of exploded mines,” Green wrote.

“The difference between the folks at OUYA and most everybody else, is that they got to live through their failures in public, while we got to lob stones. Imagine for a moment, how that would feel. And suddenly you’re not lobbing rocks to knock out the funny-named faceless corporation, you’re lobbing rocks and hitting people.

“You’re hitting Julie, and Bob, and Kellee and every person in that 30-odd member OUYA ‘cooperation’ (See what I did there?) who wants to see a dream come true. Who wants to help the industry. Who wants to succeed. Who had the guts to step out on the field.”

This week, Ouya did make some major changes to Free the Games which are more likely to sway opinion than Green will. In any case, what do you think of this idea that the public should be less critical of folks who put themselves out there?

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