Shadowrun Returns first patch out, tablet and Linux version inbound

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 5 August 2013 03:13 GMT

Harebrained Schemes is still beavering away behind the scenes on Shadowrun Rteurns, and has outlined its plans for support of the RPG going forward.

The game’s first patch released over the weekend, and is available automatically through Steam or via a repeat download for DRM-free purchasers. The patch notes reveal a collection of bug fixes but also plenty of balancing – various firearm skills now use less ammunition, for example.

In a blog post, Harebrained Schemes said it will continue working on bug fixes and balancing for future updates, but has also turned its attention to other tasks.

Development of the Linux version began last week, and a test build is already in the works. The port is proving challenging and the team expects it to “take some time to wrangle” various Linux errors “into submission”.

At the same time, the developer is working on more localisations. It expects to have Spanish, Italian, German, and French versions ready to play by early October.

Those who already have the game and have finished the included campaign will be pleased to learn that the Berlin campaign is already being prototyped.

A tablet version for Android and iOS was expected alongside the Mac and PC version, but was pushed back. Harebrained Schemes expects to have finished work on the mobile release within a few weeks, but can’t give a release date due to unpredictable certification processes. Note: the tablet version doesn’t include the editor and won’t be able to access user-created content. Community content will be bundled and released for the mobile version sporadically.

Speaking of the editor, the developer has a bunch of new tutorials available on the game’s wiki.

Shadowrun Returns launched late last month. It is the first of several major, nostalgia-driven Kickstarters to make it to release. It’s reviewing quite well.

Harebrained Studios’ next project is a tabletop game with tablet support called Golem Arcana.

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