Team Fortress 2 gets big upgrade, adds “Steampipe” content delivery

By Dave Cook, Thursday, 2 May 2013 09:41 GMT

Team Fortress 2 developer Valve has dropped the update-bomb today, with a brand new patch that integrates the studio’s new “Steampipe” content delivery method, among other things.

Kotaku reports that Steampipe will result in faster downloads and loading times, as well as making the game and mods player nicer together.

It’s a whopping update though, and Valve asked players to be patient over on its blog, “It might look like it’s hung. But it’s not. Don’t interrupt it, just please be patient and let it think.”

You can check out Steam’s full Steampipe FAQ here to see how it all works. Steampipe also applies to Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, and Half-life 2: Deathmatch.

Let us know if you try it out.

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  • Left 4 Dead 2 beta features transitioned to core build

    Valve has successfully completed testing the Linux version of Left 4 Dead 2 along with Steampipe support and the Extended Mutation System, with all three now available as the latest official build.

  • Half-life 2 updates related to Steampipe upgrade

    Valve has issued a PSA pointing out that updates to Half-life 2, Episode One, Episode Two and Lost Coast today are part of its ongoing efforts to add Steampipe support to all Source games. This isn’t an ARG, just Steampipe,” the developer said on Twitter. Please stop screaming “Half-life 3” at our inboxes.

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